‘Hell on Wheels’ Season 5 Recap: Struck

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Hell on Wheels’ Season 5 Recap: Struck
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Hell on Wheels” Season 5, Episode 4 “Struck” intensified the situation between Cullen and Chang. Things almost turned into a bloodshed until Cullen took a different path towards “peace” but Chang isn’t having any of it. Read below for the full recap:

The 3 killers of the Chinese man was sent away by Cullen but Chang heard about this and so he sent some of his men to follow and kill the 3 men. Chang also told the Chinese workers to stop working so he could get a deal out of Cullen. With the Chinese workers not working, Cullen confronted Chang and Chang said he would let the workers work again if he gets 2% ownership in the railroad.

Cullen thinks this is ridiculous and seized the food Chang got from the railroad cars and said that he will hold the food in his custody until his workers go back to work. Chang, of course, would not go down without a fight so he armed most of his men to get the food from Cullen. Tao tried to stop Chang and said that he is only making things worse because the white workers would surely burn all of them if he uses force against them. However, Chang is determined and threatened Cullen that they are on his way to him.

Tao doesn’t want any more violence and since Chang wouldn’t listen to him, he talked to Cullen and thought of a counter-action that would make the Chinese workers back to work again without losing so much blood. He suggested to Cullen that he digs up the corpses of the dead Chinese and give them a proper funeral.

Still, Chang and Cullen met and Chang’s men were ready to strike until Cullen give the workers their food and the workers started to work again. They also dug up the graves of the Chinese people and placed them on a train on its way to the sea port. Cullen plans to send off the dead back to its home because it’s cheaper that way and the railroad executive agreed and Chang was dismayed.

Things are only heating up between Chang and Cullen. And that being said, a showdown is in order. Chang will definitely not let this one go that easily.

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