Hell on Wheels Season 5 Recap: White Justice

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Hell on Wheels Season 5 Recap: White Justice
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Hell on Wheels” Season 5, Episode 3 “White Justice” is brimming with racism, deceit and justice. The plot is starting to thicken in the latest episode of the AMC Western series. Read below for the full recap:

Cullen is the only person who knows about Fong’s real identity and he decided to keep her secret. We were taken to Fong’s past when she set foot in the U.S. and decided to work on the train track. Since she is a woman, she cut her hair short and wrapped her breasts, so it would appear flat and she and her father set off to the Chinese workers’ camp to start with work.

In the present day, Fong reports to work but Cullen doesn’t want her to work after learning that she’s a woman. He told her to report sick that day because he can’t allow women to work on the rails. Feeling defeated that day, Fong followed Cullen’s orders but returned the next day and reasoned out with Cullen by telling him that if she doesn’t work on the rails and people find out that she’s a woman, her life will be in jeopardy. Cullen then changed his mind and allowed her to work, not wanting to put Fong’s life at risk again after she saved him.

Swede is up to something when he met with Chang to acquire some black market stuff. Meanwhile, in the camp the white workers demanded that they get paid higher than the Chinese workers and then three workers were replaced when Cullen brought in a machine. The white workers then started complaining that they have to work with the Chinese workers for lesser wages.

Enraged by the changes, the white workers decided to go to Chang’s “brothel” and decided to hang one of the Chinese workers and they almost hung Chang as well until Fong’s father arrived to save Chang.

Chang went straight to the head to demand justice for what the white workers did to him but he was told that Chinese men are not allowed to testify in a court of law in the State of California.

As for the Swede, he is starting deceive the Mormons and make himself look good in their eyes.

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