Hell’s Kitchen Season 13 Finale Recap: The Consistent Chef

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Hell’s Kitchen Season 13 Finale Recap: The Consistent Chef
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Another fiery season ends in the back-to-back episodes of “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 13 Finale Part 1 “4 Chefs Compete” and Part 2 “Winner Chosen,” which aired last Dec. 17, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. on FOX. In these episodes, Chef Gordon Ramsay gives a motivation boost for the final four, a classic Hell’s Kitchen challenge returns, the 200th dinner service pressures the chefs, Frank is a big obstacle for one of the finalists and the lucky 13th winner of Hell’s Kitchen is crowned.

“4 Chefs Compete”

Before Chef Ramsay announces the challenge, he gives a surprise for the remaining four chefs. The chefs greet their loved ones live on the monitor. The surprise does not end there for their families suddenly enter the room. Turns out, it was just a green screen for the background to trick the chefs. Chef Ramsay gives them some time to talk. After several minutes, he tells the chefs to say goodbye to their loved ones.

Chef Ramsay announces that the winner of the challenge will spend a whole day with the family. The challenge is known to be a classic of Hell’s Kitchen. Chef Ramsay presents his dish, and the chefs must recreate it based on their observation. They are given 45 minutes to finish. They must rely on different senses to identify the ingredients.

Jennifer and Sade think the protein is rabbit while La Tasha thinks it is pheasant. Bryant takes too long to analyze the ingredients. His gut feeling is the dish’s centerpiece is turkey, although he is one percent sure it is rabbit.

Everybody uses couscous. The trickiest part is the sauce. It is sweet yet tangy. La Tasha and Jennifer pick sundried tomatoes while Bryant and Sade choose cherries. It is almost time to finish, yet Sade realizes the meat is raw after slicing it.

Chef Ramsay starts to taste the dishes. He thinks Sade’s choice of protein is interesting, Bryant’s dish is tasty, La Tasha cooks the dish perfectly and Jen’s meat is crispy.

The actual dish has rabbit, couscous and sundried tomatoes. Jennifer gets everything correctly.

The rewards are Jennifer and her family will bond in a popular LA restaurant, Mr. Chow, Jennifer will ride in a Ferrari going to the restaurant, and the family will enjoy chocolate tasting at Vosges.

The penalties are everything in the dorm must be packed, and since it will be the 200th dinner service, the losers will fold napkins and make a centerpiece. While folding the napkins, Sade thinks it is the most boring punishment ever.

In the dinner service, each chef will have a turn in running the pass. The chefs will be tested on their leadership skills. They are warned that two of them will go home, so they must do their best.

Chef Ramsay is the first to lead. He calls Sade to replace him. Chef Andi replaces her in the appetizer station.

Sade is having a difficult time communicating with Jennifer. Jennifer is not answering when asked. Sade tells Jennifer she needs the meat pronto, but Jennifer insists she will not serve raw chicken. Chef Ramsay tells Sade that she cannot control Jennifer. Jennifer’s chickens are returned because of burnt skin. Sade is tested on quality control when Chef Andi puts clams instead of mussels in the capellini. Chef Ramsay commends her for noticing it. Marino sabotages Sade by writing pork in an order. Sade quickly notices it and screams at Marino for not approaching her fast to change the order.

La Tasha is next to run the pass. Chef Andi sabotages her by serving sea bass instead of halibut. La Tasha almost serves it, but Chef Ramsay stops her.

Jennifer is having a hard time communicating with Sade during her turn to run the pass. After solving the problem with Sade, the whole team starts to ignore her. However, when Chef Ramsay talks to them, they all answer quickly.  She feels bad, thinking her own team sabotages her. Chef Andi serves beef wellington with a missing key ingredient. Jennifer almost serves it, but Chef Ramsay asks her what is missing. It takes a long time for her to figure out that the duck sauce is missing.

Bryant becomes paranoid with Chef Andi as soon as he starts running the pass. He insists Chef Andi served the wrong fish, but Chef Ramsay ignores him and serves it. The real sabotage is the cauliflower purée, which is replaced with celery root purée. Bryant notices it, and Chef Ramsay commends him.

After the dinner service, Chef Ramsay is pleased with their performance. He asks for a moment to think who to choose as finalists.

Jennifer is eliminated first. Chef Ramsay proceeds to announce the finalists. La Tasha and Bryant are the finalists. Before Sade exits, Chef Ramsay praises her to be the most improved young chef. For the first time, he is making someone from his office in London to call Sade to discuss opportunities for her in his group.

“Winner Chosen”

In the blue kitchen, Bryant is a 29-year-old lead line cook from Virginia. He is known to be serious and deeply competitive. He had intense highs and severe lows when it comes to dinner services and challenges. He had some conflicts with his teammates.

La Tasha, a 33-year-old kitchen supervisor from Florida, leads the red kitchen. She started at the bottom but had a steady climb to the top. She was good at challenges and a consistent leader during dinner service. She had never been in the chopping block.

Who will win Hell’s Kitchen Season 13? The prize is $250,000 salary as head chef of Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Atlantic City.

Before the finalists go to Palm Springs as a reward, they are tasked to prepare their menu. Bryant sticks to simple dishes, while La Tasha goes for unique flavors.

The next day, they ride on a private plane to Palm Springs. Marino is their tour guide. They roam around the beautiful sceneries of the place, have a relaxing massage and pedicure and swim in an exclusive pool.

The finalists cannot wait to go back to LA for the final competition. After arriving at the airport, the attendant says the car that will fetch them has not arrived yet. She gives them drinks and let them relax in a waiting room. She returns after a few minutes to escort them outside. Suddenly, the walls collapse, and the finalists are facing the crowd with Chef Ramsay waiting.

The challenge is to cook five dishes within an hour in front of the crowd. They must serve cold appetizer, hot appetizer, beef entrée, chicken entrée and fish entrée. They hurry to change into their black jackets. Chef Andi will help La Tasha, while Chef James will be Bryant’s aid.

Each judge will rate a dish from 1 to 10. The chef with a higher total score will be the winner. Before judging the food, the eliminated chefs are welcomed. Chef Ramsay announces that the winner of the challenge will get to choose first their teammate.

La Tasha wins the challenge with a total of 42 points. Bryan only got 39 points.

La Tasha chooses Sade, Roe, Fernando and Ashley to be on her team. Bryant picks Jennifer, Sterling and Santos. He has no choice but to have Frank on his team because La Tasha did not pick him. He is aware Frank is not a good addition to any team because of his clumsiness in the kitchen.

Overnight, the finalists plan the dinner service with their team. La Tasha ignores every suggestion from her teammates. Bryant, however, openly accepts suggestions.

While prepping, Frank burns the pecans. Bryant promises himself to focus on Frank in the upcoming dinner service.

Each team presents their dish samples to Chef Ramsay. Bryant’s menu is perfect. La Tasha has more work to be done, and she might change her menu. Chef Ramsay is concerned. La Tasha starts re-briefing her team with changes, especially on the plating.

Fernando says he must wait six minutes for the fish, but Ashley has already prepared the pork. Chef Ramsay notices the fish is already cooked. He scolds Fernando, thinking that Fernando is trying to sabotage La Tasha. Fernando finally gets it done.

Customers on blue tables are starting to get impatient because of Frank’s repetitive mistakes. Bryant sends Frank out and cooks the garnish himself.  His team finally serves food. Chef Ramsay tells Bryant that the best thing he did during the service was to get rid of Frank.

In the end, La Tasha is the 13th winner of Hell’s Kitchen. As soon as she finds out her door is unlocked, the crowd goes wild especially her parents.

There you have it for the recap on the back-to-back episodes of “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 13 Finale Part 1 “4 Chef Compete” and Part 2 “Winner Chosen,” which aired last Dec. 17, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. on FOX. For updates about the show’s next season, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/gordonramsaysubmissions




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