Hell’s Kitchen Season 13 Recap: Goodbye, My Friend

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Hell’s Kitchen Season 13 Recap: Goodbye, My Friend
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Prepare your tissues as a chef says goodbye in the latest episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 13 Episode 12 “7 Chefs Compete,” which aired last Dec. 3, 2014, 8:00 p.m., on Fox. In this episode, get surprised by a weird combination of flavors in a creativity challenge, and laugh ‘til you drop with Sterling’s crazy antics.

As seven remaining chefs gather outside the kitchen, they notice a speed artist painting on a board. Chef Gordon Ramsay welcomes them to a challenge that will test their creativity in a dish. When the artist turns the board upside down, it shows a portrait of Chef Ramsay. Everybody gives a round of applause for the speed artist, Tim Decker, as he exits the room.

The challenge is to create two servings of the same amuse-bouche in 20 minutes. It must be garnished creatively in a small dish and full of flavors in just one bite.

Sterling has no idea what amuse-bouche is and has no inspiration to drive his creativity. He suddenly thinks about his fiancée and finally starts making his dish. Jennifer, on the other hand, believes a prawn’s head is delicious so she puts it on the plate.

Red team has an extra member, so they must drop one dish. Sterling volunteers his amuse-bouche because he does not believe it is appealing enough.

Chef Ramsay introduces the editor-in-chief, Tanya Steel, of the most award-winning food site, Epicurious, as guest judge. They will rate the dishes in a scale of 1–5. Roe’s amuse-bouche is “just a mouthful of salt” for both judges. When Jennifer presents her dish, Tanya laughs at the prawn head. She thinks it can be “off-putting for some people.” However, she commends Jennifer’s effort. Santos provides a long list of ingredients he used in his amuse-bouche. Everybody thinks it is ridiculous but both judges find it delicious.

Red team is two points ahead, so the pressure for the blue team rests on Sade. She presents her tuna with napa cabbage, sautéed with passion fruit. Everybody thinks it is a joke. Chef Ramsay even says it will not work and does not understand what Sade wants to prove. It becomes the shock of the challenge when both judges love the flavors. Tanya even gives it a score of 5.

Blue team wins after a long time. Their reward is to travel to Catalina Island in a private helicopter and lunch at Blue Water Grill. Red team must carry 200 coconuts from the truck to the pantry and crack each coconut for fresh coco milk.

While cracking the coconuts, Sterling suddenly goes nuts. He dances and sings with a coconut bra he made. After they finish cracking all coconuts, Jennifer has an allergic reaction, itching all over and vomiting in the restroom. She is brought to the hospital.

Before dinner service, red team gathers for a strategic discussion. Roe suggests counting 40 seconds on each side of the scallop while cooking. Jennifer fortunately returns before Hell’s Kitchen opens.

Diners arrive with some celebrities like Lorenzo Lamas from “Big Time Rush,” the band Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and Colin Walker from “The Butler.”

While Sterling cooks the scallops, he remembers Roe’s suggestion by heart. He starts counting to 40 out loud. Roe finds it weird for she meant counting in the head. The 40-second technique pays off as Sterling gives perfectly cooked scallops.

However, in Sterling’s second round of scallops, he forgets to flip them. Every scallop on its other side is raw. Chef Ramsay is furious that he smashed the scallops with his hand. On the third try, Sterling cooks everything properly except one, which is raw. Chef Ramsay gets angrier. He suggests changing stations, but Sterling is the only one who disagrees because he never gives up. After red team’s short meeting, Sterling is given another chance. He still fails and finally gives up. Roe replaces him in the fish station and starts serving perfect scallops.

Santos cooks scallops for VIP Lou Diamond Phillips but fails. Some scallops are overcooked, some are raw, and everything is greasy. Chef Ramsay has an outburst for he thought it would be a perfect service for the blue team. He confronts Santos inside the pantry to give him a wake-up call. After that, Santos cooks well.

Sterling is eliminated right after the dinner service in the kitchen. Chef Ramsay tells him gently he is not ready yet to be his head chef. Sterling accepts defeat with a smile on his face. Chef Ramsay hugs him and lets him keep the jacket. Sterling hugs everyone. Everybody feels sad; some even cry. He is known for his positive personality ever since the beginning of the season.

Despite Sterling’s farewell, both teams still have to nominate one member each for elimination. Sade nominates Santos for blue team because she and Bryant believe he is the weakest. La Tasha nominates Roe for her overall inconsistencies.

In the end, no one is eliminated. Chef Ramsay believes none of them deserves to go home after the successful dinner service. He starts giving black jackets to everybody, which means there are no more teams. Pressure of individual skills is going to start in the next episode.

“Even though he [Sterling] was always at '100', it wasn’t enough to earning the black jacket,” Chef Ramsay says as he climbs the stairs.

There you have it for the recap on “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 13 Episode 12 “7 Chefs Compete,” which aired last Dec. 3, 2014, 8:00 p.m., on Fox. Watch out for “Hell’s Kitchen’s” back-to-back episodes on Dec. 10, 2014, 8:00 p.m., on Fox. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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