Hell’s Kitchen Season 13 Recap: The Black Jacket’s Pressure

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Hell’s Kitchen Season 13 Recap: The Black Jacket’s Pressure
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The black jacket and upcoming finale make it more stressful for the six remaining chefs in the back-to-back episodes of “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 13 Episode 13 “6 Chefs Compete” and Episode 14 “5 Chefs Compete,” which aired last Dec. 10, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. on FOX. In this episode, Santos is lost in the kitchen, and Jennifer hates Roe more than ever.

“6 Chefs Compete”

The chefs hurry to get in the car for their challenge. They arrive in an empty parking lot. Chef Gordon Ramsay points at the empty billboard above because it is reserved for one of the chefs. The first individual challenge is making a stunning steak dish. The winner will be the spokesperson of Omaha Steak’s huge advertisement across America.

In the pantry, the chefs must choose among boneless strip, filet mignon, rib eye and rib cover. Roe cannot decide between filet and rib eye, so she chooses both.

The guest judges are the fifth generation owners of Omaha Steak, Bruce and Todd Simon. The judges choose the three best-looking dishes to taste. The top three are Roe, Santos and Sade. Roe made a “his and hers” plate, grilled rib eye for male and filet for the lady. Sade cooked dry-rubbed strip with cinnamon and cayenne. Bruce thinks the cinnamon overpowers the beefy taste. Roe wins the challenge.

The rewards are a special photo shoot, $1,000 shopping spree at Surfas and a surprise gift. Everyone is pissed off because they think Roe does not deserve to win. The punishments are carrying 200-pound beef sections from the truck to the pantry and slicing them all into smaller portions.

The makeover happens in front of the losing chefs while preparing the kitchen. Sade is annoyed, saying Roe definitely needs the makeover.

While Roe goes out for a shopping spree, the other chefs have a “chopping spree.” Santos suddenly finds cutting the meat fun. Bryant walks out and starts prepping the other kitchen. Chef Andi stops him and orders him to go back.

The surprise for Roe is her billboard. When she gets back in the kitchen, she shows her photos to other chefs. Santos screams his annoyance with profanities behind the scenes.

Before Hell’s Kitchen opens, Chef Ramsay introduces the opposing team. Turns out it is just Chef Andi, Chef James and Chef Ramsay. The “Dream Team” is excited because it is their first time cooking together as a team.

La Tasha first cooks raw lobsters but aces it after Chef Ramsay warned her. However, she overcooks scallops. The problem is added by Santos who seasoned the salad with too much black pepper. Orders are piling up because of their carelessness.

Even though there are only three members in the Dream Team, they still proceed to entrees first. Roe cooks for the Omaha Steaks guests again, but the meat is raw. Chef Ramsay’s burden is added by Santos walking to and fro in the kitchen. When Chef Ramsay asks him what is he doing, he does not answer and just keeps on getting frazzled for nothing. He is supposed to be the “wing man,” but Bryant keeps doing his job.

Roe takes too long to cook the chicken that Chef Ramsay calls everyone. He scolds them for not having coordination.

After the “uneven” dinner service, Chef Ramsay undermines them by saying his team of three finished five tables ahead of them. He thinks Bryant is the only one who did a good job, so he is tasked to nominate two people.

Roe is nominated because she has no ownership of her station. Santos is the second one because he did not help at all. Santos is eliminated.

“Santos dodged the bullet in the last two nominations. But tonight, there was nowhere to hide,” Chef Ramsay says.

“5 Chefs Compete”

Everyone is leaving the kitchen after the elimination, except Bryant. He is called by Chef Ramsay, commending him for an excellent performance. He promises Chef Ramsay that he will not let him down.

The five remaining chefs are brought in the outdoors. Chef Ramsay says they will serve “glamping” food. Glamping is camping in the glamorous way possible. They have 45 minutes to cook family style lunch. The dish with the highest votes wins.

Sade is cooking grilled porkchop with salt, pepper, black garlic and sweet potato salad. She loves talking to people gathering around her station and watching her cook.

La Tasha, on the other hand, is ignoring people completely while cooking low country crab boil. She is annoyed by their questions about her food.

Chefs must entertain the guests after the food is served. Sade keeps on talking nonstop to the glampers. La Tasha is forced to mingle with the people. She is irritated by people who do not know how to eat crawfish.

Bryant wins the challenge with his rib eye. His reward is to check in to the only hotel in Los Angeles that offers urban camping experience. He must choose someone who will accompany him. He chooses Sade. The punishments are picking dog poo at Hollywood Hills and segregate loads of trash outside Hell’s Kitchen.

In the dinner service, Chef Ramsay tells Jennifer that Roe will help her for she has nothing to do for 25 minutes. Roe serves raw lobsters, which makes Jennifer furious because she was serving perfectly cooked ones earlier.

Bryant has his blunder when he forgets to season the salad. Sade is affected by Roe’s mistake of forgetting her garnish because she has to cook another batch of lamb. Sade forgets to cook beef wellington, so every station should wait for eight minutes before serving.

After the service, Chef Ramsay finds them like a “bunch of amateurs.” The two nominees chosen by Roe are Jennifer and herself. Roe is eliminated.

“Roe thought she’d ‘row, row, row’ herself into the final four but her performance tonight in the kitchen put her up the creek with no paddles,” Chef Ramsay says as he climbs the stairs.

There you have it for the recap on “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 13 Episode 13 “6 Chefs Compete” and Episode 14 “5 Chefs Compete,” which aired last Dec. 10, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. on FOX. Catch the next episodes on Dec. 17, 2014. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recap, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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