Hell’s Kitchen Season 13 Recap: VIPs in Hell

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Hell’s Kitchen Season 13 Recap: VIPs in Hell

Get the fire extinguisher ready for another burning episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 13 Episode 11 “8 Chefs Compete.” In this episode, laugh with Chef Gordon Ramsay as chefs take a dreaded swim in the water tank, and feel the pressure of the dinner service as Hell’s Kitchen is exclusive for unique VIPs.

The episode kicks off with the teams still shaken from the elimination. It is down to four chefs each team. The  teams are called to gather outside the building. They know there is a surprise underneath the black Hell’s Kitchen tarpaulin. Chef Ramsay welcomes them to an individual challenge that can affect their teammates. After the tarpaulin is removed, two water tanks are shown.

Chef Ramsay gives the instructions for the blind-tasting challenge. If a teammate is wrong in only two taste tests out of four, the person above the water tank is safe. If three answers are incorrect, the person will fall down the water tank. If none of the answers are right, the person will have to get wet again.

La Tasha and Bryant are the first people to sit above the water tanks. It is up to Roe and Santos to save them. Santos feels confident he can get all correct.

Before the blind-tasting, both players wear headphones and blindfolds. The first test is fig. Chef Ramsay let them taste it with a spoon. Santos answers pear, while Roe says plum. For kale, Santos answers cabbage, while Roe thinks it is chard. When they taste celery root, both players think it is a carrot. Three answers are wrong, so both people above the water tanks automatically falls. They are told to climb again. For the last one, Chef Ramsay makes them taste prosciutto. Roe is the only one to guess it right, which means Bryant falls again.

Last round is between La Tasha and Bryant. For potato, both get it right. Bryant is the only one to guess bell pepper. Both are wrong for lamb. La Tasha gets it wrong for the third time in the last test, so Jennifer falls down the tank. She answered tofu instead of mozzarella.

Chef Ramsay needs a “sudden death” match because it is a tie. Both teams get four points. Each team is told to pick a representative. It is up to Bryant and Roe to break the tie. Just one more correct answer is needed for either team to win. Fortunately for the red team, Roe gets fennel right. Bryant answered cauliflower.

The prize is fun day at Santa Monica Pier and lunch at The Lobster. Penalty for the blue team is cleaning the rooms and the kitchen. Roe is happy for red team to win four challenges in a row.

When red team arrives home from their reward, blue team is still cleaning. Red team plans to sleep for a couple of hours when the phone suddenly rings. Sterling answers the phone. Chef Ramsay wants to meet them in his office immediately. In the office, they are told the dinner service for the night is urgent. Hell’s Kitchen is closed to the public to have an exclusive service for unique VIPs. It is to honor a selected group of firefighters.

The dinner service will test their individual leadership qualities. There will be two tables of twelve, one for each team. Hell’s Kitchen will serve a formal five-course gourmet menu. Teams will serve scallop risotto, tuna, salmon and steak. Each member will be responsible for one course.

First team leaders are Roe and Fernando for risotto. While plating, Sade says blue team does not have enough risotto. She fears it takes time to re-fire. Chef Ramsay asks them what the problem is. Fernando says they run short on risotto. Chef Ramsay throws a utensil out of disappointment. He calls the blue team. He stops Sade in plating because they must serve twelve plates at the same time.

Red team also encounters problems in their plating when Roe realizes they only prepared ten plates. Chef Ramsay scolds both teams and demands for a faster completion. Finally, they complete twelve plates each and serve.

Second team leaders are Jennifer and Santos. Both teams must prepare seared tuna. Santos orders Bryant to handle the potato, eggs and tuna. Bryant is outraged because he does all the work while Santos is outside with the guests, explaining the components of the dish in detail.

Sterling is satisfied with his team working smoothly. However, Chef Ramsay tells him he is not doing anything. Sterling says he is waiting for the potatoes, but Chef Ramsay does not believe him. Jennifer starts instructing Sterling what to do. He slowly gets frantic and even hit Chef Ramsay accidentally.

Next course is pan-seared salmon. It is up to Sade and Sterling to lead the team. Roe asks Sterling to taste the cauliflower if it is crunchy. Chef Ramsay calls both team leaders to go outside and explain the dish briefly. He reminds them to finish chewing first. When Sterling says, “Yes, Chef,” he accidentally spits on Chef Ramsay’s face since his mouth is full of cauliflower.

For their last course which is steak, La Tasha and Bryant lead their team. Bryant is mad at Santos for slicing the beef carelessly, almost shredding it.

Dinner service is finally over, and Chef Ramsay gathers everyone in the kitchen. He says guests went home happy, but he is not. He expected perfection. Each team must nominate two individuals for elimination.

Jennifer is told to announce red team’s nominees. First, Roe because she is inconsistent, then Sterling for he cannot put flavors together. For the blue team, Bryant nominated Fernando for his lack of confidence and Santos for his poor performance in the dinner service.

In the end, Fernando is eliminated. “Fernando’s cooking was adequate but his leadership was lacking. Be my next head chef requires both,” Chef Ramsay says.

There you have it for the recap on “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 13 Episode 11 “8 Chefs Compete.” For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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