‘Heneral Luna’, A Slice of Philippine History, Is Headed Towards the Oscars

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘Heneral Luna’, A Slice of Philippine History, Is Headed Towards the Oscars
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Philippine cinema, as of today, is continuing to thrive, and allowing itself to take chances and risks that many might have thought foolish. This and more, is seen in Jerrold Tarog’s “Heneral Luna” (General Luna), which not only managed to unite a nation into watching a slice of history in movie theaters, but managed to become the official submission of the Philippines to the 88th Academy Awards. Read on to learn more about “Heneral Luna” and about this story.

“Heneral Luna” (General Luna), directed by Jerrold Tarog, which premiered in Philippine cinemas on Sept. 9, 2015, tells the story of the legendary and temperamental General Antonia Luna (John Arcilla). He commanded the Philippine Army, and was later betrayed by his own countrymen, during the Philippine-American War.


The historical biopic was produced by Artikulo Uno Productions, Tuko Films, Fernando Ortigas and Eduardo Rocha; and was written by Eduardo Rocha, Henry Hunt Francia and Jerrold Tarog.

According to The Philippine Star  and the Philippine Entertainment Portal, it has just been announced that the film will be the official submission for Best Foreign Language Film for the 88th Academy Awards. It will go against other submissions from other countries, all vying to make the shortlist in which five official entries to the Oscars will be chosen.

At the time that this article is being written, “Heneral Luna” has been overwhelmingly successful, which is fortunate, as the film’s future in the cinemas, during the second week, was threatened, as cinema owners tried to pull it out to make room for several foreign films.

However, thanks to a successful campaign kickstarted by the film’s distributors, who, according to Philippine Entertainment Portal, wrote an open letter to the public, appealing to their sense of nationalism in order to help them to keep “Heneral Luna” in movie theaters.

Thanks to this, and a successful Twitter campaign, “Heneral Luna” was returned to local theaters. It caused many Filipinos to flock to movie theaters to watch the historical and epic biopic, and caused the film to become more successful than the distributors thought it would ever become.

However, they are still appealing to audiences to continue watching the film, as they still have to break even. The success of “Heneral Luna” will also affect the future of two other films that are being planned for the future.

According to the reports,  a second movie centering on General Gregorio del Pilar, who was portrayed in the film by actor Paolo Avelino, is being planned; and if that is successful as well, a third installment, centering on Manuel L. Quezon, who was seen as a soldier in the film and was portrayed by actor Benjamin Alves, who became one of the country’s presidents will be made.

According to The Philippine Star, executive producer Fernando Ortigas and producer Eduardo A. Rocha were pleased to hear that “Heneral Luna” was the country’s submission to the 88th Academy Awards. According to them, they feel that it is just right that “Heneral Luna” is representing the Philippines as they believe that the film “celebrates us all as a nation, in the richest and most complex of ways”.


Also, both the Philippine Entertainment Portal and The Philippine Star have both announced that “Heneral Luna” will make its theatrical release in the United States this coming  October or November.

Many are lauding the risks that the producers, actors, and director took in making this film, which, according to the review of Philip Ortiz Dy of Click the City, is a movie worth seeing.

Aside from the fact that film does achieve and showcase brilliant technical achievements, what with the stunning visual effects and beautiful cinematography highlighting the Philippine landscape, Ortiz Dy states that the film manages to capture the true essence of the legendary general himself, and is able to portray this particular piece of history in a refreshing manner, while continuing to be nationalistic, and at times tragic, and humorous.

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For more information on “Heneral Luna”, check out the link below to check out exclusive interviews, trailers, and the historical basis of the movie.


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