Here Are Some Korean Snacks You Might Like to Try [WATCH VIDEO]

By alin | 3 years ago
Here Are Some Korean Snacks You Might Like to Try [WATCH VIDEO]
PHOTOGRAPH: Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Evan-Amos |

From the popular Mok-bang craze to the endless list of YouTube videos dedicated food taste tests, Korean food has gained popularity all over the world.

The “Two and a Half Asian Show” has joined the fun by trying out South Korean snacks. Tom, Chonny and Joe rated and presented ads for the snacks. The first snack was called SamYang Topokki , a stir-fried cylinder-shaped rice dipped in red pepper paste. Next is the Crunch Ball Crispy Candy, a peanut-brittle-like candy.  Then there’s Corn Cho, a cheesy puff snack with milk chocolate coating on the other side of each puff. Next on the list was a healthy snack called Chungjungwon or Dried Sweet Potato Chew. Then there’s Lotte’s Pepero White Cookie, which everyone gave a perfect 10 rating. Pepero is very popular in Korea, and they have declared November 11 a Pepero Day. The gang also tried the Mini Rolly Crêpe in white chocolate flavor and Lotte’s chocolate-dipped biscuits called Choco Pie. The last snack was red bean mochi, which they rated 1.5 out of 10. The trio then made ads for three snacks.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Evan-Amos


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