Here Comes the Boom Fights to be Funny

By admin | 6 years ago

Here Comes the Boom Fights to be FunnyHere Comes the Boom stars Kevin James as Scott Voss, a former collegiate wrestler and a one-time teacher of the year awardee. But he loses the will to teach. He gives up and doesn’t care anymore whether he inspires his class or not.

Marty (Henry Winkler) is the music teacher who is about to lose his job because of cuts in the school budget. Scott doesn’t want the school’s music program to be cut and to save the program, he goes into MMA fighting after he learns how much the fighters get paid to fight and lose.

Scott’s brother Eric (Gary Valentine) doesn’t think that it is a good idea. He is also dealing with his own mid-life crisis. Bella (Selma Hayek) is the school nurse who supports Scott all the way. Scott starts training for his fight, which ignited a spark within him. He begins to care for his life and his students again. Here Comes the Boom is about Scott’s fight for his life.

Here Comes the Boom is a comedy with heart. It will make you laugh out loud while bringing some elements to tickle the audiences’ sensitive side. The plot is not that original as it is commonly utilized by sports movies where the underdog overcomes the obstacles along the way. The characters in the movie could have been better.

Kevin James gives out his best effort to elicit laughs in Here Comes the Boom. He also manages to be tender when he needs to. His character is likeable and people will find themselves rooting for him. As a whole, Here Comes the Boom is a fun movie for its target audience. But most movie goers might not enjoy its predictable ending and undeveloped characters. But if you can look past its flaws then you might be able to enjoy it.

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