‘Hereafter’ Pulled from Japan After Tsunami Devastation

By admin | 8 years ago
‘Hereafter’ Pulled from Japan After Tsunami Devastation

After an earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan earlier this month, Warner Bros. has pulled the Clint Eastwood film .

Starring Matt Damon, the film opens with a reenactment of the 2004 tsunami that hit the Indian Ocean in 2004. The film arrived in Japanese theaters in February and was slated to run until the end of this month. Warner will not be delaying the DVD and Blu-ray release of the movie on US shores this month.

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan said that this disaster was the worst the country has faced since World War II in which two nuclear bombs were dropped on the country by the United States. 1,100 have been confirmed dead with over 10,000 people still unaccounted for.

“The earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear incident have been the biggest crisis Japan has encountered in the 65 years since the end of world war two,” says Kan. “We’re under scrutiny on whether we, the Japanese people, can overcome this crisis.”

The 8.9 quake was Japan’s worst in recorded history and the fifth worst worldwide. The earthquake caused a tsunami that was estimated to be 10 feet high or more when it reached the Japanese shore.

Warner Bros. pulled Hereafter, saying that the film was “not appropriate” given the circumstances in Japan.

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