‘High School Musical’ Reunion, Movie Details Revealed!

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
‘High School Musical’ Reunion, Movie Details Revealed!
High School Musical

The cast from “High School Musical” has yet another reunion after spotted getting together on weekend. Several members of the hit Disney film series have already been seen hanging out together. Here’s the scoop!

We haven’t seen Monique Coleman who did the role of Taylor McKessie for a while as well as Kaycee Stroh who played Martha Cox after their appearance in “High School Musical.” However, this weekend they were spotted showing full support to their co-actress Alyson Reed, known as Ms. Darbus, in another “High School Musical” reunion of former cast members.

Monique took to social media platform Instagram to publicly share the reunion of the former co-stars. Monique still has the character of Ms. Darbus in her as she is currently the liaison for the LA Unified District. We think that her role in “High School Musical” has been brought to real life setting as her current work brings opportunities as well as high tech art resources to schools all over the city, said a report from Seventeen.

Kaycee and Monique were both seen showing support to the amazing project of their former co-star. They both took pictures of the “High School Musical” reunion of cast members and posted in on Instagram.

In a report from VCPost last March, the Disney hit movie series have been rumored to deliver a fourth installment. This will be called “High School Musical 4: The Wedding.” A tweet was sent out by Corbin Bleu who played Chad Danforth saying, “If you liked the first three, the fourth is going to blow your mind. #getchaheadinthegame” according to the website of Ryan Seacrest. The article posted on the site also said that the new installment would feature Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens would be getting married.

Another report has surfaced claiming Ashley Tisdale has joined Zac and Vanessa for the “High School Musical” reunion project. The problem is, this could be just another hoax!

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