Hill Harper and Mary Elizabeth Mastratonio Join Limitless

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Hill Harper and Mary Elizabeth Mastratonio  Join Limitless
CBS Logo. January 18, 2011. Wikimedia Commons/CBS

It seems that “Limitless” knows no bounds when it comes to casting, as the upcoming CBS show has added to new cast members to its roster, according to two exclusive reports on Deadline. Read on to learn more about this story, and to learn who the two new cast members of “Limitless” are.

“Limitless”, an upcoming series on CBS produced by Bradley Cooper, is based on Cooper’s movie of the same name, and will star his “American Sniper” co-star, Jake McDorman. The series is based upon the movie, because aside from the name, the show will make use of the drug, NZT, which Bradley Cooper’s character, writer Eddie Morra, took.

The series centers around Brian Sinclair (Jake McDorman), who, after discovering the drug NZT, is forced by the FBI to continue using it in order to help them solve cases, as the effects of the drug make him a smarter and better person. He is joined by an FBI Agent named Rebecca, who will be portrayed by actress Jennifer Carpenter. Rebecca is a brilliant agent, but hasn’t yet come to grips with her past, and the reason why she joined the FBI.

According to two exclusive reports on Deadline, Carpenter and McDorman will be joined by actress Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and actor Hill Harper.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, according to Deadline, will be portraying Nasreen “Naz” Awad, a prosecutor turned Special Agent in Charge of the department which Brian Sinclair is under. She and her team also monitor and investigate the capabilities of this mysterious new drug. Mastrantonio has also appeared in various other projects in the past, such as “Grimm”, “Hostages” and “Without a Trace”.

Actor Hill Harper, who is known for portraying Calder Michaels in “Covert Affairs”, and Dr. Sheldon Hawkes in “CSI: New York”, will be, according to Deadline, be portraying a former military officer named Boyle. According to the article, Boyle, no longer with the military is an essential asset to the operation, as he has had experience with testing the drug NZT on FBI agents.

And that was all for the casting updates on the upcoming series “Limitless”. For more news, updates and recaps on “Limitless” and other television shows, keep on following Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/CBS/Uploaded by Magnus Manske

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