Hillsong UNITED Joel Houston Reveals Why They Create Music As ‘Oceans’ Reaches Billboard’s Top 5 for 97th Time

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
Hillsong UNITED Joel Houston Reveals Why They Create Music As ‘Oceans’ Reaches Billboard’s Top 5 for 97th Time
Hillsong UNITED’s Joel Houston reveals their reason of creating music, with their “Oceans” reaching No. 1 again.

Hillsong UNITED’s “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” and “Touch The Sky” managed to reach No. 1 and No. 7 respectively in Billboard’s top 10 Hot Christian Songs for the week of Oct. 10, 2015. Read on to find out more.

“Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” rebounded from 2nd place to 1st place and is now in its 106th week on the Billboard charts.

The song first topped the list of Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs on Dec. 7, 2013 and stayed there for 45 consecutive weeks until Oct. 11, 2014. On April 18-May 16 (five weeks), it returned again to No. 1 then left the top on the sixth week, Billboard reported.

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Hillsong UNITED’s latest ranking (week of October 10) of “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” marked their 97th week of consistently being in the top 5 since Dec. 7 2013. And it was expected that the song could still be on the list in a couple of weeks.

On the other hand, the band’s “Touch The Sky” (first released on May 26, 2015 in their “Empires” album) managed to reach the top 5 (No. 5) of Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs in its first week (April 11, 2015). It peaked at No. 3 on July 25, 2015.

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For the week of Oct. 10, 2015, “Touch The Sky” (No. 7) followed tobyMac’s “Feel It” (No. 6), Chris Tomlin’s “At the Cross (Love Ran Red)” as No. 5, Lauren Daigle’s “First” (No. 4), MercyMe’s “Flawless” (No. 3), NEEDTOBREATHE’s “Brother” (No. 2), and Hillsong UNITED’s “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” at No. 1.

No doubt the Sydney-based Christian group was enabled to accomplish something like this for a purpose. And Joel Houston, the group’s pastor and leader, revealed their reason for creating music.

“Our hope is not in getting high, or finding that right person, or dealing with heartbreak. For us, it’s taking that yearning and connecting it to the God of the universe, the God of love,” Joel Houston said.

It is not hidden in the eyes of anybody (Justin Beiber for example) that Hillsong UNITED tries to follow their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the God of love, whom all Christians believe that He was sent by God because of love for the world so that any person who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

So, here’s to hoping that Hillsong UNITED will never lose sight of their purpose.

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Photo source: Facebook|Hillsong United

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