Hindsight Recap: A Very Important Date

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Hindsight Recap: A Very Important Date
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“Hindsight” Season 1 Episode 4 “A Very Important Date” aired last Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on VH1. In this episode, Becca Brady (Laura Ramsey) went on several interviews and took a leap of faith with regards to her job. Meanwhile, Becca discovered that Lolly (Sarah Goldberg) and her younger brother Jamie (John Patrick Amedori) were still seeing each other, and she revealed to Lolly what had happened to Jamie in the future, which caused Lolly to be conflicted during their annual Halloween party at their local bar. Meanwhile, Becca, knowing that Melanie (Jessy Hodges) wouldn’t be able to go to the party, brought Andy Kelly (Nick Clifford) to the party, where she unexpectedly ran into her ex-fiance, Sean (Craig Horner), who was seeing the bartender Paige (Drew Sidora). Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with Becca Brady (Laura Ramsey) practicing for her job interviews which would start the following day with her roommate and best friend Lolly (Sarah Goldberg). After she left the room, Jamie Brady (John Patrick Amedori), her younger brother, snuck into Lolly’s room, and they spent the night together. However, as Lolly’s alarm clock didn’t go off, Becca, who had barged into Lolly’s room before she left for her interviews, got shocked after seeing them both in bed together. As she left the room, Jamie announced that he and Lolly were dating. Lolly then apologized for everything, including leaving Becca traumatized at seeing Jamie naked in bed.

Becca then went on several interviews, which included a sales office where she helped her interviewer fix his office chair. Another interview that she had ended up with her helping out her interviewer with her Windows ’95 computer; and another interview in which she impressed a photographer by asking if they use digital film yet. After an entire morning of interviews, she ended up running into Melanie (Jessy Hodges) and Andy Kelly (Nick Clifford), who were eating lunch out together. Melanie then told Becca that she knew that she had gone out with Todd from their local bar after Lois’ party. Because of this, Becca confirmed that she was inviting both of them to the annual Halloween party and costume contest at their local bar.

Back at home, she complained to Lolly and wondered out loud why she had invited both of them. Lolly then broke the news to Becca that she and Jamie were going to the Halloween party together and apologized to her as that event was usually “their thing.” Becca then told her that she was “cool” with them dating and told her to be careful. Because Lolly asked, Becca revealed that she was worried about them getting together because after Jamie and Lolly had broken up, Becca had found Jamie on his apartment floor and told Lolly that they had to pump his stomach and that if she had not had found him when she had, then Jamie would have died. She then made Lolly promise that she would be careful with Jamie. Becca then surprised Jamie by suddenly turning up at his apartment, where she told him to be careful because he often got “too attached” to things and that she was always there for him if he needed to talk.

At the bar, Becca charted out her job choices on a blackboard. She was deciding between a demanding job as an assistant to a photographer or having a more stable job working at an insurance company. However, Lolly thought that both were boring and too safe, as they were normal entry level jobs, and she knew that Becca had more experience than that. Lolly then discovered that Paige (Drew Sidora) was currently hanging out with a guy whom she had invited to the Halloween party.

After Lolly rejoined Becca, she asked her who won that year’s Halloween contest. However, Becca told her that she had no idea who had won that night because she did not go to the party that night because of Simon, who was now her ex-boss. She also remembered that she had gone home with Andy and Melanie that night, who had fought over their costumes the entire ride home. She then realized that Melanie would not be able to attend the party because Melanie now had her old job with Simon and decided to wear the exact same costume that Melanie was wearing. She then asked Lolly to get her some fishnet stockings at the local costume shop.

Afterwards, Jamie and Lolly went costume shopping, where they had fun playing dress up, but Lolly soon started to become a little bit worried about Jamie because of what Becca had told her about her and Jamie’s future.

On the night of the Halloween party, Melanie, who was dressed up as Alice, told Andy, who didn’t not like his White Rabbit costume at all, was called away by Simon because of a plumbing emergency. Becca, who was also dressed up like Alice, except with fishnet stockings, then came around to ask Andy if he still wanted to go to the party. He then modified his costume to be the March Hare and went with her to the party. On the way, Andy told Becca that she was “too creative” to stay with Simon. Becca then fixed his bowtie, which was askew, and accidentally mentioned that she was always fixing his ties. Andy then broke the awkward silence between them by saying that Melanie likes working for Simon because he was challenging, which was probably also the reason why she was dating him.

Meanwhile, Lolly started becoming worried because Jamie wasn’t there yet. When he did get there, he told her that he had lost his costume, as they were supposed to be Beevus and Butthead. He then went back to his apartment and came back wearing the costume, but before they could properly greet each other, he was swept away by his friends.

Lolly and Becca then became surprised after Sean (Craig Horner) appeared all of a sudden, and he kissed Paige. Because of this, Lolly and Becca ran into the bathroom, where Becca managed to compose herself enough to go over to Sean, who, to Becca’s surprise, was talking to Andy. Andy then left Sean and Becca alone for a while so that they could talk, and Lolly told Paige who Sean really was.

At the bar, Sean and Becca told each other that they were cool with each other, and Sean told her that he had realized that they were better off apart. Afterwards, much to Becca’s relief, Andy rescued Becca from having to talk to Todd, whom she had had a one-night stand with recently. After asking him if he felt like he won the lottery with Melanie, Andy told her that he loved being with her, especially as she was able to accept who he was. Afterwards, Paige announced that Lolly and Jamie had won the contest, but Lolly, much to Jamie’s confusion, was still annoyed at him.

Afterwards, Becca thanked Andy for “sticking around” with her, and fixed his bow tie again. However, Melanie, who had just arrived back from Simon’s, saw them, and told her that she should have confronted her the moment that she had discovered that Becca and Andy had kissed. Sean, who heard the entire thing, realized that that was the reason that Becca hadn’t gone to Arruba with him and punched Andy in the face. Because of this, he got kicked out of the bar, and Paige, after giving him some ice for his hand, told him that they should not see each other again as he needed to figure things out first by himself.

Back inside the bar, Becca tended to Andy’s split lip and told him to stop apologizing, as his honesty was something that she loved about him. She then told him to go back home to Melanie.

Meanwhile, Lolly brought Jamie to a cab and didn’t ride with him. She then told him to keep the trophy and refused to tell him what was bothering her. Because of this, Jamie smashed the trophy on the street before he left.

Up on the rooftop, Lolly joined Becca and told her that ever since she had learned what would happen to Jamie, it had been affecting her and their relationship. Becca then told her that she didn’t know what to do anymore with regards to Sean, Andy and her job. Lolly then made her realize that deciding to quit her job with Simon and calling off the wedding were actually easy decisions because she knew that it wouldn’t work out and told her that she needed to stop being scared of making big decisions, even though they might be wrong.

Because of this, she decided to turn down both job offers at the insurance company and with the photographer. Right after that, she received a phone call from the human resources manager of the insurance company and told her that her cousin, who was creating a start up magazine from his basement needed a creative and computer savvy intern like her. There, she learned that they needed someone who could find the coolest places before they become cool, something like predicting the future. Because of this and her own unique circumstances, she decided to take the job.

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