Hindsight Recap: The Cranberries

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Hindsight Recap: The Cranberries
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Hindsight” Season 1 Episode 7 “The Cranberries” aired last Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on VH1. In this episode, Becca Brady (Laura Ramsey), Lolly (Sarah Goldberg), Melanie (Jessy Hodges), Sean (Craig Horner) and Andy Kelly (Nick Clifford) all go to the Brady’s annual Thanksgiving Dinner which ended up in disaster.Read on to learn more about this episode.

Becca Brady (Laura Ramsey) and Sean (Craig Horner) were officially back together again. Becca found it strange that it seemed like they had some trouble connecting to each other again. However, Becca insisted to Lolly (Sarah Goldberg) that she was no longer thinking about Andy Kelly (Nick Clifford).

Afterwards, Sean went over to the bar. He discovered that Paige (Drew Sidora) didn’t really celebrate Thanksgiving as she had no family to celebrate with. He then told her that he was going over to the Brady’s for Thanksgiving. She congratulated him for getting back together with Becca.

At the Brady house, Lincoln Brady (Brian Kerwin) scolded Jamie (John Patrick Amedori) for getting an Academic Probation and for getting a citation for public drunkenness. Because of this, he told an annoyed Jamie that he was going to be the one to pay for his own schooling from here on out. As he went outside, he ran into Lolly, who was no longer together with him. Thankfully, she was saved from saying anything else. Becca’s Aunt Libby, who loved Lolly, dragged her to the bar.

Meanwhile, Becca was surprised to see that Andy and Melanie (Jessy Hodges) had been invited to the dinner as well. They then congratulated Becca and Sean for getting back together, and the two girls hugged.

Inside the room that was the designated “bar,” Lolly confided to Libby about Andy. She then told her that she had done the right thing in cutting him lose. She told her that her secret was that she never really became committed to a single person.

Inside the living room, Andy made the football game more interesting for Sean by betting on a particular outcome with him.

In the kitchen, after Melanie asked Georgie (Donna Murphy), Becca’s mom, what she could do to help. Becca suggested that she thread the cranberries. After Georgie left to answer the door, Melanie made it clear to Becca that they weren’t friends at all, and that she was only there for Andy.

Georgie pulled Lincoln away from the living room to greet the Kellys. Andy congratulated Sean about the fact that he and Becca were together again. He told him that he didn’t have feelings for Becca anymore. However, Andy reminded Sean that he had just replied to him the same thing that he had replied on the night that they, with Jamie had gotten drunk. However, Sean told him that everything was alright if Andy didn’t really mean that he didn’t deserve to be with Becca.

Meanwhile, Jamie decided to steal some money from his dad’s briefcase. He rudely brushed off the Kellys so that he could meet his friend Stanton at the bar. When he got there, he encountered Paige, who promised not to tell Becca that he was there.

Afterwards, Becca got burned by the oven after she tried to remove the turkey from it. Sean then went to her in the bathroom. He rubbed some aloe vera on the burn to heal it, and placed a band-aid on it. They then ended up kissing passionately, and one thing led to another. Sean returned to the living room. Lolly noticed that the two were stealing kisses from each other. Becca then told Lolly what had happened. She told her that that had actually happened and reminded her that she had never really fallen out of love with Sean.

Meanwhile, as the game ended, Sean won the bet. He refused to take Andy’s money. It was especially after he told him to use it to take Becca out to a nice dinner. Melanie then came in. She told Andy that she felt uncomfortable around Becca. She was glad that she had gotten burned. Andy then asked her to stay with him because this dinner was important to him, and because Georgie made an awesome turkey.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Stanton and Jamie snorted some drugs. Jamie made plans to leave with Stanton, who was going to the Dominican Republic on his father’s plane. Stanton then gave him the idea that he could sell drugs to make money. He ignored Becca’s pages for him to return for dinner.

Meanwhile, at the dinner table, after Andy’s father made a speech on how grateful they were to have Andy alive. Andy proposed to Melanie, who immediately accepted. This made Becca feel vulnerable and scared because this hadn’t happened before. Aunt Libby then made things awkward for Becca. She wondered why Becca had left Sean during their wedding, and wondered why they were back together again. However, Sean told them that it wasn’t the right timing and was thankful for Becca’s foresight.

Afterwards, after Lolly and Becca cleaned out a wine bottle in the bathroom, Lolly left to check her messages on her phone, and Melanie came in. Becca then gave her her best wishes and ran into Andy staring at the photos on the wall. Andy then told her that he wasn’t going to speak to her anymore, or be around her anymore as being near her wasn’t safe for him. She then congratulated him and walked away.

Meanwhile, Melanie ran into Lolly in Becca’s bedroom. Melanie then told her that she thinks that everyone thinks that she was stupid for accepting Andy’s proposal. Lolly told her that she respected her as she was willing and able to commit to someone seriously.

Becca then saw Sean in the living room looking at their old pictures together. He then told her that he had figured out all the answers to all of his questions about their relationship. He told her that he had been looking and searching for what they had had in the past. He realized that what they had was gone. He told her that sleeping with her didn’t mean anything more than that. Then, he left her to go to and get tacos for Paige.

After Sean left, Lolly revealed to Becca that she had heard everything. He told her that this might be the universe’s way of telling her that she had a new path to follow. Afterwards, they were surprised to see that Phoebe (Liz Holtan) had arrived with Courtney, her future husband. This meant that Becca didn’t mess up Phoebe’s future, as she had ended up meeting him the next day.

After she told everyone their story, Aunty Libby, Phoebe’s mom, tried to insert herself in between them. She asked how her ex-husband, Phoebe’s father, was doing. As she was drunk already, Lolly volunteered to bring her out, and to make sure that she was able to catch a taxi in order to go home.

Becca then went into Jamie’s room. She was surprised to learn that he was packing up to leave for the Dominican Republic. She then begged him to stay, but he left.

Afterwards, Lolly noticed that Becca was crying, and wondered what was wrong. She then told her that this trip of Jamie’s marked the beginning of his “downward spiral.” However, Lolly reminded her that she couldn’t protect everyone. It was even though she wanted to and promised her that they would go and get Jamie. If he wasn’t back in one month, he had promised to be back that Sunday. Becca then reassured Lolly that no matter what happened, that Lolly would never be alone.

Later that night, Lolly looked for the VHS tape of the movie that they were going to watch, Becca opened their door to discover that Kevin had come over.

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