Hindsight Recap: I Never…..

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Hindsight Recap: I Never…..
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Hindsight” Season 1 Episode 3 “” aired last Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on VH1. In this episode, time travelling Becca Brady (Laura Ramsey) tried to change the past by showing up at her friend Lois’ birthday party. She knew that no one was going to show up, and prevented Lolly (Sarah Goldberg) from going out on a date with her brother, Jamie (John Patrick Amedori). That night, however, allowed her to be a “new Becca” as they partied the night away. However, she did not make any progress with Andy Kelly (Nick Clifford), her future husband, and learned that things might not be as predestined as she thought they were. Meanwhile, Jamie came to learn more about Lolly after watching all of the videos on her list at the video store she worked at, and their relationship began to unfold. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the video store where Lolly worked, Becca Brady (Laura Ramsey), Lolly’s best friend, told her all about the kiss that her supposed future husband, Andy Kelly (Nick Clifford) had given her. She compared with the iconic kiss from “The Notebook,” which had not yet been released in Lolly’s time. She noted that the kiss that he had given her was the best kiss that he had ever given her, even if they had technically been together already for four years in Becca’s time. However, when she went over to Andy’s, he told her that he “blamed himself.” Before he could say anything else, Melanie (Jessy Hodges), his current girlfriend of eight months, interrupted them. As they talked, Becca and Melanie ended up agreeing to go their co-worker’s birthday party. Becca knew that in her past, nobody had gone. Also, Melanie broke the news that she now had Becca’s old job.

Back at the video store, Lolly blew off Jamie Brady (John Patrick Amedori), Becca’s brother, who wanted to go out on a date with her, by telling him that she was going to work that night.

While they were preparing to go to the party, Becca’s cousin, Phoebe (Liz Holtan), came in to return her bridesmaid’s dress, and to check in on her. She then decided not to go to wherever she was going that night. She also decided to go to the party that they were going to instead.

At first, the girls didn’t think that they would have any fun at all, but after a few rounds of tequila shots and playing the game “I’ve Never..”, they realized that they were actually having fun. It was until Lolly ruined the mood by saying “I’ve never done anything to ruin friendship.”

Because of this, Becca pulled Lolly aside, who apologized to her. After Becca told her that she couldn’t believe that Lois (Lauren Boyd) actually had a one night stand and she never had one. Lolly suggested that she do it, so that she could become a totally “new Becca.” After Melanie had left as her boss had paged her regarding a work emergency, Phoebe, Lolly, Becca and Lois headed out to a club called the Crystal Lounge. It is where they were able to get free palm readings from their waitress, Paige (Drew Sidora), who turned out to be an “out of work actress.” However, Becca excused herself from the palm reading, and went over to the bar to get some drinks, and to look for a guy. However, she did not really have much luck.

At the video store, Jamie learned from Sebastian (Adam Herschman), the video store owner, that Lolly wasn’t there, and that he had gotten “blown off.” However, after seeing Lolly’s list of movies on the whiteboard on the wall, they decided to watch the movies. It was especially since Sebastian was mildly curious as to what they all had in common.

After watching “Ben Hur,” they went outside to smoke some pot, and Sebastian, who claimed to be a “relationship guru” told Jamie to “kick Lolly to the curb” because she was a really flakey person. However, Jamie refused too.

They ended up watching the entire list, and at the end of it all, Sebastian still didn’t understand why Lolly chose those movies. However, Jamie just smiled and told him to re-watch the movies to understand it. He had already gotten the reason why she had chosen those particular movies.

Back at the Crystal Lounge, Phoebe was told that she was going “to miss an important step in her life.” Lolly bonded with Paige over how Becca seemed to be so controlling and how she really wanted to be with Jamie. Paige then told her that it seemed like Becca was using Lolly as a puppet. However, Becca overheard this. She was going to tell Lolly that she was going to go off with the only decent guy that she met at the bar. She then got Paige fired after she tried to stop a fight from breaking out between the two.

Becca then panicked after learning that Phoebe was blowing off her blind date with someone named Courtney to go off with one of the annoying guys who had tried to pick her up at the bar, because Courtney was supposed to be Phoebe’s future husband. Thankfully, she managed to get Phoebe out of the situation, and went with her to check if Courtney was still there. However, she learned that Courtney had waited for an hour, and then had left. However, surprisingly, Phoebe and Becca had enjoyed each other’s company, which was saying something, because they usually hated each other.

After Phoebe had left, Becca told Lolly that now she didn’t believe anymore that anything was “pre-destined.” She still didn’t want Lolly to date Jamie, and refused to tell her about why they had fought in the future. However, Lolly made Becca realize that she had a right to know, as that had happened to both of them, and not just to her. Becca then went to the bar alone, as she and Lolly were on a “time out.” She decided to sleep with Hot Todd (James Newkirk), who was still at their local bar.

Meanwhile, Lolly went over to Jamie and apologized for blowing him off. He then told her that by watching the movies on her list, he felt like he had gotten to know her more. And told her that he knew the reason why she had chosen those particular movies. It was because the names of the directors, like Steven Spielberg, were alliterations, just like her whole name. She then told him that she did really like him, and they spent the night together.

The next morning, as if it were arranged by fate, Phoebe met Courtney (Jason Burkey) at her local coffee shop.

At their favorite local bar, Becca confessed that she had slept with Hot Todd.  She told Lolly that if she wanted to know about, which what they had fought about, that she would tell her. She was also surprised that Paige was now working there, as Lolly had gotten the bar owner, Rick, to hire. Lolly then told Becca that she didn’t need to know, as long as Becca promised to never let it happen again. Afterwards, she admitted that she was still thinking about Sean (Craig Horner), and their supposed honeymoon, and that she was still thinking of Andy as well. However, she admitted that no matter what she did, it seemed like nothing was “pre-destined” anymore.

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