Hindsight Recap: The Imaginary Line

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Hindsight Recap: The Imaginary Line
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“Hindsight” Season 1 Episode 8 “The Imaginary Line” aired on Feb. 25, 2015 at 9:00 PM on VH1. In this episode, Becca Brady (Laura Ramsey) invited Lolly (Sarah Goldberg) and Kevin (Steve Talley) to help her stick stickers of the magazine as she introduced viral marketing to the world before the rave party that night which she had to attend to promote the magazine. While there, Lolly tried to gather the courage to tell Kevin how she felt about him. Meanwhile, in flash forwards, it is shown why exactly Becca and Lolly fought in 2003. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began in 2003. Lolly (Sarah Goldberg) wanted her best friend, Becca Brady (Laura Ramsey) to meet Kevin (Steve Talley). He showed up a little late, and when he came, she introduced him to her.

Back in 1995, Lolly complained that Becca hadn’t taken any time at all to try to get to know Kevin, even if he had been staying with them for the past two weeks. When he came, she just stared at him, and told them that she had to leave, as she was busy with the magazine launch that was going to happen in a week’s time. She then told Kevin that she could have the breakfast that she had ordered which included some apricot jam, and told him that he and Lolly had a lot to talk about, as she encouraged Lolly to tell Kevin how she felt about him since nothing happened between them in Becca’s old future.

Meanwhile, at work, Chester (Charlie Bodin) tasked Becca to hand out flyers to spread the word about the magazine. However, Becca introduced viral marketing to them, and suggested that they just stick the logo with the release date everywhere so that people will become intrigued and curious about the magazine without them having to actually talk about the magazine. They then told her that she was going to go to a rave that night in order to promote the magazine.

Meanwhile, Sean (Craig Horner) appeared at The Anchor and asked Paige (Drew Sidora) to go to an Oasis concert with him. However, she told him that she was working that night, and after learning that he needed some money, suggested that she help him out as she was working for a catering company that was going to cater at a private art gallery that night.

Outside, Becca saw a juggler, and remembered that in 2003, she had encountered Kevin on that same spot. She had been arguing with Sean, who was her husband then, and she found it nice that Kevin was okay with listening to her rant about Sean. He then decided to walk with her to her office. She was then brought back to the present after a man bumped into her. She then went over to the video store where Lolly worked, where she learned that Lolly hadn’t told Kevin how she felt yet. She then told Lolly that she had to go to a rave for work, and Lolly begged hard for Becca to let her go. Becca then agreed on the condition that Lolly help her stick the thermal stickers with the magazine’s logo all over New York, and then told Kevin, who had just walked in, that they were all going to rave that night.

At The Anchor, Lolly invited Paige to the rave, but she told her that she and Sean were going to work that night. Becca then gave her blessing to Paige as she and Sean were truly over.

Outside, on the streets, Becca explained to them the concept behind viral marketing, which Kevin liked. While Lolly climbed everywhere in order to stick stickers on posters and telephone boxes, Kevin asked Becca if she was alright as he knew everything that had been happening to her thanks to Lolly. However, she told him that she was alright, and that she believed that she had made the right decisions. He then told her that she was dedicated and smart, and asked her how she knew that he liked apricot jam, which was a rare case as he knew that he was the only one in the world who liked apricot jam. Even his own mother used to tease him about it. She then spaced out and remembered that in the future, after they first bumped into each other again in 2003, they had started hanging out and talked to each other. There, he told her that he liked apricot jam. After a while, they stopped walking and Kevin then asked her about what exactly they were doing with each other as they hung out together all the time, but didn’t tell anyone, especially Lolly about it, since Becca didn’t want her to feel left out. She then reminded him that she was married, and told him that their friendship meant a lot to her, and that her talking with him was the best part of her day. After he agreed, the two shared a kiss in the middle of the park. She then went back to the present, and told him that Lolly had probably told her about it.

Later, they found the man with the purple hair who was supposed to give them the wrist bands so that they would be let in. However, Lolly stayed behind to purchase some ecstasy, and waved to Becca and Kevin who were already on the train, and told them that she would meet them at the rave. As they walked around, since they had two more hours left before the rave started, after worrying about the fact that she was alone with Kevin, she started to laugh, and told him that the universe was funny. Kevin then suggested that Becca show him around New York, to those place he hadn’t seen yet, and the two took the opportunity to get rid of the stickers that they still had on them.

At the art gallery, Sean, tray empty, stared at a large artwork, and couldn’t believe that it had gotten sold for $20,000. At that point, Noelle (Alexandra Chando), a woman who worked there heard him and went beside him, after shooing Paige away. She then told him that a rich man had bought it, and he looked at him, even if she told him not to stare at the man who had bought it. He then introduced himself and told her that he was an artist, and hadn’t sold art for that much yet. Impressed, she invited him to the back of the gallery, as she had some pieces for a new artist’s show that she wanted him to look at.

Meanwhile, Becca and Kevin had one last sticker left between them. Kevin then told her that he was going to stick on his forehead for the rave, and wondered if this job was her dream job. She then told him that she liked it because it could easily become anything, and asked him what his dream job was. He then told her that he had wanted to be a Ghostbuster, and started talking about how he loved to watch movies in his hometown. Becca then remembered that the two of them, in 2003, had started sleeping with each other, and that’s how she learned how much he loved movies. He then told her that he loved him, and Becca told him that she loved him as well, and they started to make plans to run away together. However, they didn’t know how they were going to tell Lolly who considered them both as her “two most favorite people in the whole world”, a sentiment that Lolly shared to them when they entered the rave party.

At the party, Becca informed Lolly that DJ Scar was a future friend of hers, and that she wanted him to switch the skull logo on the screen with the thermal sticker. However, as Lolly seemed out of it, Becca discovered that Lolly had bought some ecstasy in order to gather up more courage to tell Kevin how she felt. Afterwards, Becca told Kevin to keep an eye on Lolly as she tried to speak to DJ Scar’s manager, Owen, so that she could speak to DJ Scar. However, they only rejected her, and told her that she had to wait, as he was in the zone. Before Owen left, Becca told him to tell DJ Scar that she knew about Watson and how he had really gotten the scar on his face.

Meanwhile, on the dance floor, Kevin told Lolly that he was going to stay on in the city as he had fallen in love with the city, and that he was worried about Becca. Lolly then invited him to dance.

Becca then tried to change the projector slides to the thermal sticker image, but Owen caught her and brought her to DJ Scar. However, after she remarked that he was pretty annoying at this moment in time, he had Owen kick her out. Afterwards, Owen told him that she knew about someone named Watson.

While she waited outside, she remembered the day that she and Lolly had fought. After the countdown on December 31, 2003, she told Lolly that she was running away with Kevin, and apologized to Lolly as she knew how Lolly had felt about Kevin, even if she had never told him how she had felt about him. Because of the fact that they had slept with each other, and had seen each other for six months without telling her, she terminated their friendship.

Back in the present, Lolly came out to get Becca, who hugged her best friend tight. Afterwards, Owen, called Becca in as DJ Scar was looking for her. After she told him the true story about the scar, she told him what she wanted. He then agreed as long as she didn’t tell anyone the truth about the scar, in exchange for him putting the image of the sticker on the projector. She then told him that he didn’t know her yet, and told him that he was going to be a good music producer someday after he got rid of Owen.

Meanwhile, back at the art gallery, Paige got the shock of her life as she ran into Sean and Noelle kissing. Noelle then went back into the party, and Paige told Sean to get back to work, and that he had a lipstick stain on his cheek. Later, after the show, Paige couldn’t believe that Noelle was going to go to his place. He then told Paige that since she had been rejecting him for the past two weeks, she didn’t have a say in his love life, and that he had made a good connection, both personally and professionally.

Meanwhile, at the rave, Lolly told Becca that she didn’t need to tell Kevin how she felt since he was staying. She then told her that she should be the one to decide if she wanted to tell him or not. Lolly then told him that he seemed taller than before, and kissed him passionately. Becca was happy, especially as her magazine’s logo appeared on the screen and didn’t know how to feel about Lolly and Kevin kissing.

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