Hindsight Recap: Pilot

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Hindsight Recap: Pilot
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“Hindsight” Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” aired last Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on VH1. In this episode, on the evening of her second wedding, 40-year-old Rebecca “Becca” Brady (Laura Ramsey) was magically transported to 1995, on the morning of her first marriage. However, with everything that already knew from the future, what will she choose to do? Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with a flashback to Oct. 8, 1995, while Rebecca “Becca” Brady (Laura Ramsey), walked down the aisle with her father to get married to her first husband.

She then posed the question that if one had the chance to do change things, what would one do, knowing everything that had already occurred? Would one continue with the course of things, or would one start over?

Twenty years later, at the present, Becca looked over an old photo album, in which she looked at pictures of her first wedding. She then remembered that Sean (Craig Horner), her first husband, had been handsome, and then she saw a picture of Lolly (Sarah Goldberg), her best friend whom she had not spoken to in 10 years. She then decided to call Lolly up, even if she did not know if she had the right number and asked her to be her maid of honor again, as she was getting married for the second time. She was getting married to Andy Kelly (Nick Clifford). Andy then picked her up in order for them to go to their rehearsal dinner.

At the rehearsal dinner, saw her mom, Georgie (Donna Murphy); her spiteful cousin, Phoebe (Liz Holtan) and her aged father (John L. Smith), who had brought his new wife Sabrina, who announced that they “were pregnant.” Her boss from hell, Simon (Mario Cantone) was also there, demanding that she still do some work at her own rehearsal dinner. The only person she was relieved to see was her brother, Jamie (John Patrick Amedori), who later on slipped away to smoke. Andy then gathered everyone together and thanked everyone for coming that day and that both Becca and he were excited about their wedding day, the next day. They then kissed and hugged, but Becca did not seem as happy as she was supposed to be. She then decided to take a break and sat down inside one of the bathroom cubicles, when she heard Phoebe and her mother talking about her. She overheard her mother saying that she thought that she would have had a bigger life and called her a glorified secretary. Afterwards, Andy dropped her off at her father’s place, where she was spending the night.

There, she realized that Andy was the total opposite of Sean and that he didn’t really set her on fire. Inside her old bedroom, she reminisced, and looked over old pictures of her and Lolly taken during New Year’s Eve in 1993 and recounted how Lolly was the closest thing she had to a sister and couldn’t believe that they would have had a fight so big that they ended up not speaking to each other at all. Jamie then came in and realized that Becca missed Lolly a lot. He then reassured her that he was doing okay, and before she went out to get some air, he reassured that everyone wished that they could go back to start over.

During her short walk outside, she ran into a man who asked her if she was okay. She then just said that she had had a very long day. He then quoted Buddha and said, “Do not pursue the past. Do not lose yourself in the future. The past no longer is, the future has not yet come. Looking deeply at life as it is.” She then asked him if they had ever met before as he looked familiar. However, he didn’t think so.

Inside the elevator, she suddenly remembered the night of her and Lolly’s big fight, on New Year’s Eve in 2002. Then the elevator went dark, and she collapsed. Then she woke up in the morning to an alarm. After knocking on Jamie’s door, she realized that she heard a girl’s voice inside but chose to ignore it. She then went to the kitchen to get some coffee and was shocked when she opened the doors to the living room. Her mother and father were there, and everyone was getting ready for a wedding. Her mother, who had spotted her, told her to get ready. As she walked back to her room, she noticed that the pictures on the wall were different, and Phoebe was wearing a mock turtleneck. She then went inside her brother’s room, and based on the fact that he had a VHS machine and a discman, she asked if it was her wedding day with Sean, in 1995. After Jamie confirmed it, she freaked out and ran to her apartment so that she could talk to Lolly.

Lolly was ecstatic that she was there, but Becca could not believe that they were still friends. She then tried to explain things to Lolly, telling her that she was supposed to get married to Andy Kelly, who got cute, just like Patrick Dempsey, and that she had come from the future. In order to prove it, she told her that at that moment, Lolly was still getting over the guy that she had kissed at Lollypalooza and that she hand’t told her who it was because it was Jamie. She then realized that Lolly had slept with her brother that night, and it was Lolly whom she had heard. Lolly then told her that she had to pick up her dress and to stay put. However, Becca decided to see Sean, who was unpredictable and had no job.

She then went over to his place and, after sleeping with him, started to freak out about the possibility that she might wake up the next day as a 40-year-old again. Sean then started to ask her what the matter was. She then told him that she loved him but was worried that getting married might set them off course. He then told her that every decision a person made sets everyone off course and allowed her to go and think about things.

Back at home, she started to panic, and her father tried to reassure her. Her mother then came and reassured her that everything would be fine. She then reassured her that she still was very much in love with Lincoln, Becca’s father, despite the fact that they argue a lot. They were then interrupted by Jamie who confronted Becca, as Lolly had broken up with him since Becca had found out. Becca then became ecstatic because this meant that Lolly had believed her.

She then ran to their usual bar and hugged Lolly, as all that mattered was that Lolly believed her. She then told her about the future but left out the part of their argument because it might not happen anymore if she did not mention it. While Lolly went to the bathroom, Becca ran into a man named Xavier (Collins Pennie), who was staring at the same Buddhist quote that had been told to her before she traveled back in time and felt that he was the same guy who had quoted it to her in the future. She then left with Lolly as Sean had paged her to meet up.

There, he gave her a milkshake and told her that he had felt worthless before but had wanted to change because of her and wanted to be a man worthy enough of her. He then hoped that he would see her at church for their wedding.

At home, Becca’s mother gave her something borrowed, old and blue, the sapphire bracelet Lincoln had given to her on the day Becca was born. Becca then told her mom that she believed that life shouldn’t be perfect, and her mother told her that she knew that they would have a beautiful marriage.

At church, she was shocked to see Andy, who, of course, had been invited to her wedding. In the middle of the ceremony, she realized that she couldn’t push through with it and ran off with Lolly. Before they exited the church, she confronted Simon, who was on the phone and told him to make her a vice president, to give her a raise and to cancel the temp that she had hired since she was going to be terrible.

She then decided that she was going to do things differently, starting with her and Lolly’s friendship. They then got changed and went to a bar to smoke. She then hoped that everything would be different, starting with a clean break. However, it didn’t seem to be the case as Sean showed up at the bar where they were at.

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Catch “Hindsight” every Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. on VH1.

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