Hindsight Recap: Square One

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Hindsight Recap: Square One
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“Hindsight” Season 1 Episode 2 “Square One” aired on Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015 at 9 PM on VH1. In this episode, Becca Brady (Laura Ramsey) dealt with the aftermath of calling off her wedding and faced her parents and a heartbroken Sean (Craig Horner), who was still determined to go on their honeymoon to Arruba. Meanwhile, Becca was still stuck working for Simon (Mario Cantone), and Lolly (Sarah Goldberg) is still seeing Becca’s younger brother Jamie (John Patrick Amedori), despite the fact that Becca does not want them to be together. She then made a mistake after trying to impress the future novelist and media mogul Anton Toubassy (Gary Weeks) and was pleasantly surprised by her soon-to-be husband, Andy Kelly (Nick Clifford), who was currently dating her office mate, Melanie (Jessy Hodges). Read on to learn more about this episode.

After Sean (Craig Horner) appeared at Becca’s (Laura Ramsey) local bar, she followed him outside where she apologized for what she had done, and told him that she did love him, but that she couldn’t say yes to him as she knew that they would both just collapse. He then asked for his ring back and walked away, leaving a saddened Becca to be comforted by her best friend, Lolly (Sarah Goldberg).

Back at their apartment, Becca had trouble sleeping as she was afraid that when she woke up, she might be back in 2015. However, when she woke up the next morning, she discovered that it was still October 1995 and everything she had done was real. She then revealed to Lolly that she and Sean had ended up separating as Sean had become angry at the world because he wasn’t able to find himself as an artist, and nothing Becca said to comfort him was enough. Because of this, she had drowned herself in her work and they had grown apart. She then asked Lolly to get her clothes from Sean’s place and decided to go to work.

At work, Melanie (Jessy Hodges) tried so hard to comfort her and Simon (Mario Cantone) tricked her into believing that she was really getting a promotion. Instead, he ordered her to get him some coffee, which made her angry because in reality she actually had more that nineteen years of work experience under her belt.

After work, she and Lolly climbed up the stairs to her family’s apartment, as Becca refused to take the elevator, given that she had been magically been transported to the past in the same elevator. There, her mother, Georgie (Donna Murphy), scolded her for wasting so much money and the wedding and that she had not contacted anyone as to where she had been the entire time. Meanwhile, Lolly went over to Becca’s younger brother’s room, Jamie (John Patrick Amedori), as they were seeing each other.

After Becca found Andy’s present, she decided to return it to him in person. He then insisted that she open it, and upon opening it, she discovered that inside a picture frame was a picture of them at the docks during summer when they were kids. She then remembered that in the future, during the wedding dinner rehearsal, he had told everyone that he had been infatuated with Becca since those particular summer days. Out of habit and instinct, she kissed him and pulled away after Melanie appeared.

The next day, at work, Simon asked her about a novelist named Anton Toubassy (Gary Weeks), who had submitted a manuscript to them. Becca then realized that Anton Toubassy becomes a famous award winning journalist, with several charities under his name and a media company.

Meanwhile, Lolly went over to Sean’s place to get Becca’s clothes. Before leaving, she told a heartbroken Sean that if he felt like that, he should do something, and reminded him that he also had a vote in what will be happening next.

Back at the office, she impressed Anton with her knowledge of his works, as she had already read them all. Later on, he invited her to have dinner with him at the hotel that he was staying at. Because of this, Becca started to believe that she might have a chance to work with him, which would be a great opportunity. The last time that she had met him at work, she did not pay attention to him at all because she was in a hurry to get home to pack for her honeymoon. She then mentioned to Lolly that she had purple Doc Martens that she loved very much, but Lolly became confused as she didn’t have any yet.

Anton and Becca had a good dinner, but she realized that she made a big mistake after Anton asked her up to his room for the night.

At the local bar, she told Lolly about it and warned her to be careful with her relationship with Jamie, because she knew that Jamie’s problems would get really bad and Lolly wouldn’t be able to handle it. She then left to change the song on the jukebox, while Jamie met up with Lolly. At the jukebox, Becca ran into Xavier, who she believed was the person who sent her back in time in 2015. However, he disappeared suddenly, and Becca did not know where he went.

Meanwhile, Lolly became insecure and wondered if she really was irresponsible, as Becca had called her irresponsible and flighty, especially as she doesn’t really go to work. She often did nothing at the video store she worked at and often called in sick. However, Jamie reassured her that she was okay.

Becca then got summoned by Simon, who insisted that she clean up the mess that was his boyfriend. However, because she was fed up by how he kept on treating her, she decided to quit her job.

On the way back home, she called up Andy and apologized for kissing him, as she had done it on impulse. She then ran into Sean, who gave her her ticket to Arruba and invited her to join him there.

The next day, she informed her mother that she had quit her job, and asked her if she should go to the honeymoon with Sean. Her mother then apologized for scolding her and told her that she was jealous of her because Becca could now start over again with a clean slate.

Back at the apartment, Becca began to pack to leave for Arruba but was interrupted by Andy, who kissed her, and told her that he wanted a second chance.

Meanwhile, at the airport, Sean waited for Becca and, when she did not appear, left without her.

At the video store, Lolly was pleasantly surprised after someone gave her a pair of purple Doc Martens.

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