Hindsight Recap: All I Want For Christmas Is You

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Hindsight Recap: All I Want For Christmas Is You
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“Hindsight” Season 1 Episode 9 “All I Want For Christmas Is You” aired last Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on VH1. In this episode, Lolly (Sarah Goldberg) finally admitted her feelings to Kevin (Steve Talley), and when things didn’t go as planned, Becca Brady (Laura Ramsey) held a party for her to help cheer up. However, Lolly ended up meeting Jamie Brady (John Patrick Amedori), and the thing that Becca dreaded happened. Meanwhile, Sean Reeves (Craig Horner) went with Noelle (Alexandra Chando) to a party with artists, and finally made up with Paige (Drew Sidora). Read on to learn more about this episode.

Becca Brady (Laura Ramsey) was shocked and happy to discover that Kevin (Steve Talley) had spent the night in Lolly’s (Sarah Goldberg) room. After he went back in, she remembered that in 2004, she had broken up with him so that they wouldn’t hurt Lolly anymore. Back in the present, Lolly apologized for the fact that he had slept on the floor as he had taken care of her as she had been high on ecstasy the previous night, and Lolly invited him for dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

Noelle (Alexandra Chando) told Sean Reeves (Craig Horner) that he had talent and that she could help him sell his artwork. She then invited him to go to a party full of artists that evening where he could meet people. He agreed and then went after Paige (Drew Sidora) to tell her about it, and became confused as she seemed to be mad at him.

That night, Lolly told Becca that Kevin had slept on the floor, and promised to let him know her feelings for him over dinner. However, he told her that he’ liked’ her like a sister, which upset Lolly, who spend the night in Becca’s room, crying.

Becca later spoke to Kevin, who agreed that it would be best if he left, which was why he had gone apartment hunting the day before.

In order to cheer Lolly up, Becca agreed to have any kind of party that Lolly wanted at her parent’s house, as they were gone for the holidays. Meanwhile, Chester (Charlie Bodin) became even more nervous about their magazine launch, (even though the viral marketing idea had worked), and Lolly’s fax invite for the party, which also celebrated Becca’s finally becoming a published author on Thermal Magazine.

That night, Kevin left, and Lolly got mad at Becca after learning that she had talked to him about it. The next morning, Becca was surprised to see her brother Jamie, who returned as a responsible adult, especially since he told her that he was working, and suggested that she apologize to Lolly.

Later that night, at the party, Sean discovered that no one really knew who Noelle was, and saw her arguing with David Shay, the owner of many art galleries in the city. Afterwards, Sean, who felt betrayed, decided to leave to go to Becca’s and Lolly’s party instead.

At Becca’s house, Becca apologized to Lolly by making her a “cereal tree”, and she, Lolly and Paige agreed to kiss someone under the mistletoe that night. Becca was surprised that Chester and Victoria (Briana Venskus) came, and was surprised to learn that Kevin had been invited so that Lolly could try to make him jealous with Jamie. However, that didn’t work, and she ended up sleeping with Jamie. Afterwards, she became worried after she saw that a wad of cash fell from his bed. Later, when he went back to his apartment, it was revealed that he was using his father’s medical pads so that he and Stanton (Joshua Mikel) could deal drugs to earn money.

Becca was surprised when Paige asked what was going on between her and Kevin as Kevin kept on glancing at Becca the entire evening. Sean then entered and greeted Becca, and they both agreed that they were okay with each other, and Becca gave him some advice regarding Paige.

Up on the rooftop, Paige finally admitted to Sean that she liked him, and he kissed her after telling her that he liked her as well. Afterwards, Noelle came by and admitted to him that David Shay was her father and that she had wanted to impress him with Sean’s work, as also wanted him to recognize that she had “an eye for art”, and help him.

Meanwhile, Becca followed Chester and Victoria out to check the newsstand, only to discover that their magazines had gotten sold out in thirty minutes. The two kissed. Later, while Becca was reading her article on the rooftop of her building, Kevin came and told her that he liked her and that he felt that she felt the same way because of the way she looked at him. She tried to back up, but the two ended up kissing. After she pulled away she told him that they shouldn’t have done that.

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