After Hinting At Robin, This Actor Is Now Teasing Another DC Character

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
After Hinting At Robin, This Actor Is Now Teasing Another DC Character
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Drake Bell got fans talking after posting a cryptic tweet. His controversial tweet contained the logo of the DC superhero Robin along with a caption. Even though the tweet was deleted, fans started assuming that he is teasing the role.

But now Bell posted two new tweets and they are bluntly hinting at another DC character.

Drake Bell hinting at Nightwing

Screen Rant reported that after he got fans to assume that he has been cast as one of the Robins in DCEU, Bell posted two new tweets that clearly hint at Dick Grayson aka Nightwing.

These two tweets are actually pictograms. The first one has a photo of Dick Van Dyke accompanied with the color gray and picture of a sun. This combination hints at the word “Dick Grayson.”

The other is more specific. It has a picture of a Knight and hot wings. This combination hints at the word “Nightwing.” With Bell hinting so bluntly at the superhero, there is a chance he might be in consideration to play the character.

Currently, there is a Nightwing movie planned in DCEU and a TV series titled Titans for DC’s digital service. If Bell is really playing Nightwing, he could be referencing one of the two projects.

Tim Drake casting tease

Just yesterday, Bell posted the picture of a Robin logo on Twitter. This logo was from the time when Tim Drake, the third Robin was Batman’s sidekick. With the actor posting Drake’s logo, many fans assumed he is teasing the role of the third Robin.

A fan art was also made to depict how Bell would look as the character. While there were many fans that did not support this idea, there were still some that believe Bell is perfect for the role.

Potential projects for Bell as Nightwing

As mentioned above, Nightwing movie and Titans TV series are the two projects that are currently focusing on the superhero.

If Bell has been cast in the movie, that makes it his official entry to the DCEU. Potential easter eggs on either Justice League or The Batman films about the superhero might be featured leading to his solo movie.

If he has been cast in the TV series, DC and DC COO Geoff Johns will perhaps officially share his first look as Grayson before debuting the costumed look. Since the TV series will also be covering the character’s escapades outside the superhero identity, Bell’s look as Grayson will matter as well.

Nightwing and Titans details

Nightwing does not have an official plot or release date yet. But it has been confirmed that Chris McKay will direct the solo movie. It will be set in Bludhaven and will exist in the Batman-verse within DCEU.

With that happening, Ben Affleck’s Batman could make an appearance in the movie as well. It would be interesting to see if Batman agrees to work with his former sidekick or not. In addition to this Nightwing has been referenced in the Justice League trailer.

Titans, on the other hand, will focus on the superhero team called Teen Titans. Nightwing has been the leader of the team, which also has led to him becoming the series lead.

It will reportedly take a darker approach to the team and feature Nightwing, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven. Nightwing’s alter ego Grayson will be seen working as a cop by the day and a vigilante by night on the show. A premiere date for Titans has yet to be announced.


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