Hispanics Say Arizona Law Influences Racial Profiling

By admin | 6 years ago

The vast majority of Hispanic immigrants, as well as Hispanics born in the United States, believe the show me your papers immigration law in Arizona will lead to racial profiling. A recent poll said that 79% of the people polled said it is likely police will stop U.S. citizens who are Hispanic or legal immigrants because of the new law.

Second –generation Hispanic immigrants were the biggest group who believe it is likely that police would question or stop U.S. citizens of Hispanic descent or legal immigrants, which would demonstrate that even people who are legally in the U.S. could be discriminated against by laws intended for illegal immigrants.

The survey was taken by over 500 Hispanic registered voters from July 7 to July 16. Hispanic voters seem to be unaware how President Obama or his opponent Mitt Romney feels about the Arizona law. Over half of them said, when asked, that they did not know. Organizers of the survey said that both candidates were not clear on how they felt about the immigration law. Obama’s stance against the law and the decision made by the Supreme Court on the same law will likely help him because he might win a few votes from independents.

In general, those voters living in important battleground states say they support comprehensive immigration laws, which is supported by a number of polls taken between 2010 and 2012.

Arizona is just one of a number of states that have passed new immigration laws aimed at driving illegal immigrants from their state. Alabama has done the same and the state has been sued by human right advocates.

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