Hit and Run Misses

By admin | 6 years ago

Hit and Run is written, co-directed, and starred by Dax Shepard. If anyone has to be blamed for the movie’s failure in the box office, it has to be him. He confesses that he is inspired by car chase movies such as The Cannonball Run and Smokey and the Bandit. He owns all the cars used in the movie and even did his own stunt driving. Hit and Run

Shepard’s Hit and Run is a bad comedy movie. It features car chases that are unimaginative and wouldn’t keep the audiences entertained. In the movie, he is Charlie Bronson, a reformed robbery getaway driving under witness protection. He lives with his girlfriend Annie, played be his real-life fiancée Kristen Bell. She’s an All-American teacher in a small town. She doesn’t know about Charlie’s past.

Tom Arnold is Charlie’s clumsy Witness Protection Program overseer. He chases after Charlie and Annie as they rush towards LA. They are also pursued by Annie’s ex-boyfriend, played by Michael Rosenbaum, as well as Charlie’s former gang members.

Hit and Run centers on Charlie and Annie’s relationship. It leads to various talks between the two as well as jokes about all types of rape. Shepard has made his character a sweet stupid guy who insults Asians but as the movie progresses, he turns into a guy that deserves Annie.

Hit and Run features a violent type of comedy that not everyone can enjoy. It is more vicious than slapstick. There’s a scene where Bradley Cooper’s character humiliates and smacks a African-American stranger. This type of scene can leave a bad taste on some viewers.

Hit and Run has a retro vibe but overall, the movie feels outdated. It doesn’t even deserve to be called a B-movie. Kristen Bell’s cuteness and all the action in the movie are not enough to keep the audience entertained.

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