holly madison insures breasts

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Holly Madison, actress, model and a girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, has reportedly insured her breasts for one million dollars.

The Peepshow actress/former Playboy Bunny depends on the looks of her augmented breasts in order to protect not only her, but others that also appear on her show.

Holly claims that she is doing this because if anything were to happen her breasts and she couldn’t perform and she would be out a million dollars anyway. “I thought I would cover my assets”, Madison confirms. Holly appears topless in the Vegas show, Peepshow.

If anything were to happen to Holly’s breasts during the show, she wouldn’t be able to work, which would result in a loss of one million dollars while she was in recovery.

This is the reason for the important insurance policy and why it is indispensable.

holly madison insures breasts
holly madison insures breasts


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