‘Hollyoaks’ Recap: Rachel Dies In Horrific Car Explosion

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Hollyoaks’ Recap: Rachel Dies In Horrific Car Explosion

“Hollyoaks” has found quite a not so delightful way to celebrate Easter. The British drama took a drastic turn when one major character was killed off. The March 28 episode proved to be one of the most shocking ones as Rachel Hardy met her end in a car explosion.

According to Metro, “Hollyoaks” found a perfect way to celebrate Easter with its viewers and that came in the form of Rachel’s death on the show. Viewers have been left in shock as an out of control car driven by Holly led to a fireball, tearing through the carnage especially at a time when Rachel was still trapped inside.

The outlet noted that Nathan fought through the wreckage and pulled Cleo to safety; unfortunately, when it came to Rachel, it was too late for her. This certainly does not feel good, especially following the incident, Holly will be left feeling so terrible because it was her rash driving that caused Rachel’s death.

Describing the scene further, the outlet noted that Nathan, Cleo and Holly managed to run at a safe distance; however, Rachel could not escape the devastating incident especially that the explosion took place when a silo fell onto the car. The stunt did leave many impressed because of the way it was shot; nonetheless, it affected the story in a major way since another character died.

Amanda Clapham who plays the role of Holly Cunningham noted that her character had a few drinks before driving, and following the incident of Rachel’s death, she would be affected massively and would carry so much guilt. The outlet also noted that after having lost Jason and Robbie and caused Rachel’s death, things might not look that neat for Holly.

Mirror, in other news, added that the Gloved Hand Killer storyline is coming to a thrilling conclusion on “Hollyoaks.” The media outlet questioned, will hospital killer Lindsey Butterfield be caught? The outlet even added that in the next two weeks, Lindsey’s story would get intensified in the series.


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