Hollywood Actors Who Escaped Death While Filming Their Best Movies Of Their Lives

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Hollywood Actors Who Escaped Death While Filming Their Best Movies Of Their Lives
Jaimie Alexander in ‘Thor: The Dark World’

Actors and actresses are considered next to God in the eyes of fans but a few of us are aware of the fact that those actors and actresses have to undergo a lot of training and confront various unfamiliar situation in order to entertain the viewers.

Sometimes irony of fate leads to various fatal accidents. In this rat race of reaching the highest status of life, the actors and actresses who have seen death from very close proximity are going to be featured in this article.

Isla Fisher

While filming a scene for “Now You See Me” in 2013, Isla Fisher had a narrow escape from death. She was trapped under water for three minutes as the chain, with which her wrist was fastened, got jammed. Luckily, the 39-year old actress freed herself using quick-release switch and the stuntman also aided her in the escape.

Jason Statham

“The Expendables 3” actor Jason Statham also faced a drowning situation while driving a truck. When the brake unexpectedly failed, he jumped into the Black Sea. In this kind of situation, many of us would have taken a back seat, but the 47-year old actor took hold of the situation bravely.

Jaimie Alexander

While filming for “Thor: The Dark World,” the beautiful actress Jaimie Alexander slipped of the metal staircase and had a great fall during a rain-beaten set injuring herself. As a result of this accident, the 31-year old actress had a slip disc in her spinal cord.

Johnny Depp

The famous actor Johnny Depp was on the edge of losing his life while shooting for the movie “The Lone Ranger.” The 52-year old American actor, Depp was riding a horse named Scout when suddenly the saddle turned loose. As a result, he was thrown from the reigns and being dragged for 25 yards by the horse. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star was extremely fortunate, as there was an ample possibility for the actor to be trampled by the horse.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Thor: The Dark World

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