Hollywood Celebs may like to Tweet in a more Controlled Manner in 2012

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It is no secret that Twitter takes the cake when it comes to Hollywood celebrities wishing to remain in limelight. This social networking site dominates Facebook as the number one choice of who’s who of Hollywood. However, 2011 will be remembered for frank Tweets from celebrities that created furors and landed stars into trouble. The latest celebrity made to apologize for his comment on Twitter is Kasey Kahne, NASCAR driver, who had criticized women for breastfeeding in public.

Those who follow Tweets from Hollywood celebrities and even politicians have seen how a tweet led to resignation of a Congressman and how the comments of Ashton Kutcher and Gilbert Gottfried generated so much of controversy. Seeing the troubles many celebrities had to undergo because of their loose tongues on Twitter, many celebrities have drawn an important lesson and that is to let their managers filter their tweets before they appear on the social networking site. Handlers of accounts of celebrities on Twitter may have to play larger roles than they did in 2011.

Recalling the period from 2008 and 2011, radio host Cooper Lawrence said that this was a period in which stars tweeted just about anything that came to their minds without realizing the effect of their tweets on various sections of the society. But even he is of the view that in the coming years, Hollywood celebrities will be mindful of the scandals in the past and try to be more cautious in their approach when tweeting on twitter.

Tweet leads to resignation

Perhaps the one case that stands out as having inflicted greatest self inflicted damage is that of Anthony Weiner, an influential congressman, who had to resign when he posted his own photo in boxer briefs to a female college student. The photo showed bulging boxer briefs and after a controversy where Anthony first posed as a victim of hacked ID, later accepted his guilt and had to resign from his office.

No room for insensitivity

The case of Anthony Weiner has become one warning signal that Twitter can harm you so badly. There was another case of Comedian Gilbert Gottfried where he had to apologize for his insensitive remarks about Japanese people, especially when they reeled under the worst natural disaster in the form of earthquake and Tsunami. He tweeted, Japan is really advanced and people there do not go to beaches but beaches come to them. For his distasteful remarks, Gilbert had to lose out on millions of dollars as his employers fired him.

Charlie Sheen and Ashton Kutcher felt the heat too

Charlie Sheen made a blunder when he revealed his phone number as he sent it to Justin Bieber. Ashton lost much of his fame on Twitter when he defended Penn State football coach when he was accused of sexual abuse of one of his assistant coaches. Till this blunder, Kutcher was believed to be the king of Twitter with millions of followers.

All said and done, celebrities have become more cautious and have started to ask their managers to filter their comments to prevent any undue controversy.

Hollywood Celebs may like to Tweet in a more Controlled Manner in 2012
Hollywood Celebs may like to Tweet in a more Controlled Manner in 2012

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