Hollywood Sequels Bad For Profits, Needs To Make Original Movies: Analyst

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Hollywood Sequels Bad For Profits, Needs To Make Original Movies: Analyst

Are you tired of prequels, sequels, and retcons on the movie front? Do you want Hollywood to stop copying out comic books and write something original for a change? Well, while we don’t back the trade analysts who did this report, a new report seems to suggest that Hollywood would lose big-time money if they don’t start producing original screenplays and reduce the number of script adaptations. Read more on the Hollywood Trade Analysis.

While it is obvious that Hollywood in general seems to have run out of ideas, some ideas are still going strong. At least half of the big star league is busy with scripts based on comic books. It can be argued that the comic book idea is on its last limb and every new movie churned out in that segment seems to be following a predictable pattern of “boy gains/discovers superpowers in himself and goes on to save the world.”

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But is it really too much of a good thing? A new report by the CLSA analyst Vasily Karasyov seems to suggest that unless Hollywood turns its attention towards making more original movies, it is going to lose profits.

According to the report, the best time for the superhero genre is long past. The Spiderman series from the 00’s got the most attention from the public because the idea was new and fresh. The report suggests that this is no longer the case and every other big budget movie these days is a super hero movie.

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The other genre that has been over used is the “story adaptation from the book” genre. Both these genres are good at spinning out sequels like there is no tomorrow. Out of the 20 big blockbuster wannabes scheduled for this year, 16 are sequels of some sort. The analyst goes on to say that Hollywood has ended up over-reaping old intellectual property and people are going to start looking elsewhere for entertainment.

This news comes via Deadline and Lockerdome.

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