How Hollywood Uses Bad Reviews to Sell Movies

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
How Hollywood Uses Bad Reviews to Sell Movies

Hollywood studios have a new solution for bad reviews. Rather than downright ignore them, “Legend” starring Tom Hardy distributors Studio Canal has found a way to incorporate a bad review in the film’s poster. Trick: Look closer between the ears. Read on for more details. 

Benjamin Lee from the Guardian, hated Hardy double-role gangster biopic “Legend,” calling it cartoonish and giving it two stars, yet his review landed him right on the movie’s poster.


If you look closely between the two Tom Hardys you can see his two stars quite visibly, but its devious placement makes it look like it it much better than it actually did. Benjamin Lee has called the move full of ‘chutzpah’, claiming  “I’ve been trolled and I’m totally alright with it,” in a new article with the Guardian.

In the illuminating article, Lee points out the various underhanded moves used by studios to promote a bad movie, with Sony Pictures going as far as actually inventing a critic ‘David Manning.’ Two summers ago, David Manning was loving “Hollow Man,” and called “The Animal” a winner. It was until investigations proved that it was a creation of two Sony employees, CNN is reporting.

Another trick used to market bad movies is to take quotes out of context. Severely so, as AA Dowd’s report on “Accidental Love” which read:

To be fair to whoever refashioned Accidental Love from the abandoned scraps of Nailed, there’s little reason to believe that the ideal, untroubled version of the material would have been a comedic masterstroke.

The quote appeared on the back of the Canadian DVD for the movie as “a comedic masterstroke.”

Similarly, “Gone Girl” makers placed a quote by Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers for their TV spot: the date-night movie of the decade.” The second part of the quote “… for couples who dream of destroying one another”, was not included.

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