Holy Motors Movie Review

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Holy Motors Movie ReviewHoly Motors is made by French filmmaker Leos Carax. It is like an unpredictable dream. You don’t know where it will take you. Oscar (Denis Lavant) wakes up and steps through a wall of his bedroom into a movie theater. This is how the movie begins and just the first of the many stops during a day in the life of the main character.

Oscar is a good performer that is always on the move. He is chauffeured around by his faithful driver Celine (Edith Scob) in a stretch limo that also doubles as his prop factory and dressing room. For that day, she has to take him to and from nine assignments where he has to play an assassin, beggar, fashion photographer, monster, father, and an accordionist.

He has to look the part each time and this results to various styles. Each time he changes, the mood and tone of the movie changes with him. The genre turns from action, thriller, horror, melodrama, to a musical.

It is hard to properly describe the quality and quantity of the various sequences in Holy Motors. In one of the sequences, Oscar turns into a Neanderthal man who goes into the Parisian sewers and materializes in a cemetery. He started eating the flowers from the graves before he stumbles into a magazine photo shoot where he kidnaps the model and takes her back into the sewers. It ends with an erotic conclusion.

Carax made Holy Motors as homage to cinema as well as the city of Paris. It is less sentimental than Woody Allen’s movies. He said that cinema is a territory where he lives in but at the same time making films is a profession.

Holy Motors is for everybody but some might find it annoying. It is a metaphor for life, an actor-s life or just about anything you can think of that it is a metaphor of.

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