‘Homeland’ Season 4 Official Trailer [WATCH VIDEO]

By April Lara | 3 years ago
‘Homeland’ Season 4 Official Trailer [WATCH VIDEO]
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Showtime has just released the official trailer of “Homeland” Season 4. A two-minute preview  that is absolutely full of action awaits fans out there. In addition, the plot has been unveiled. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

The trailer jump-starts a couple of months later in Pakistan, where Carrie is now the newly appointed CIA Station Chief. Last season, we have seen how Carrie and Saul’s relationship transformed from being an awesome tandem to a rocky one. Now, they are back at it together when we saw in the trailer that Carrie is accepting help from Saul after hesitating at first. We think they are going to be a team again, and this time, everything will be so much better. It is just not right not to have Saul.

It is also surprising that we saw a lot of Corey Stoll in the trailer, knowing that he is only appearing on the show for a few episodes. He plays the role of Sandy Bachman, the CIA Station Chief in Pakistan. Moreover, this preview suggested that his character is somewhat like a double agent. Uh-oh.

Yes, there is a baby, and Carrie’s sister, Maggie, is the one who is actually taking care of the baby and even accuses her of intentionally accepting her new job offer to avoid raising her own daughter. Of course, Carrie denies this, and we have seen her taking care of her baby, even crying while she holds her.

There is also the YouTube video entitled “American Missile Strike on Wedding,” which Saul is watching in the trailer. We also saw a glimpse of CIA agent Peter Quinn.

Watch the trailer below:

[jwplayer mediaid=”29400″]

Just like in the previous seasons of “Homeland,” Carrie is back to her old ways, trying to get to the bottom of a huge mess that involves terrorism. We even saw her offering to protect a Pakistani boy whose family was kidnapped.

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Photo source:  Wikimedia Commons/RobinWong

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