Homeland Season 4 Premiere Recap: ‘The Drone Queen’ and ‘Trylon and Perisphere’

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Homeland Season 4 Premiere Recap: ‘The Drone Queen’ and ‘Trylon and Perisphere’
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Homeland” Season 4 premiered with two episodes, “The Drone Queen” and “Trylon and Perisphere.” Fans have been anticipating the return of Carrie Mathison, especially now that her babydaddy is dead, and she is left alone with the baby, not to  mention that she has a new post in Istanbul that she chose to uphold. If you missed the premiere, we have the full recap for you.

We found Carrie in Kabul as Episode 1 opened in a car because she’s the boss. Because she’s still Carrie, she asked them to drop her a couple of blocks away from home because she would rather walk. During her walk, she got a call from Bachman who has intel about Taliban leader Haissam Haqqani, who was hiding in a farmhouse in Pakistan. She trusted Bachman’s intel right away and ordered an attack, while Bachman kept his source a mystery — for now.

During a Skype call with her sister who apparently was taking care of her child, we saw Carrie swallowed a couple of pills and chased it down with wine. Some things never change. The whole intel was actually true, and they were able to take out Haqqani. However, what they didn’t know was they actually blew up an innocent wedding, which was caught on cam by Aayan. Carrie was able to talk Aayan out of uploading the video because once he did, it will be the end of CIA. Aayan promised that he won’t upload it, but his roommate got a hold of his phone and uploaded it online. Just like that, it went viral.

Protests were happening all over Pakistan, and amidst that, Carrie flew out to meet Quinn, while Bachman met up with his source. Unfortunately, his source didn’t show up, and he was left in a very dangerous in town. He was all over the news, and Carrie and Quinn rushed to rescue him and got him into the car. However, Bachman got dragged down by the mob, and Quinn and Carrie were left with no choice but to leave Bachman behind. Bachman was killed, and that’s it for the first episode of “Homeland.”

The second episode rolled in, and we saw Carrie and Quinn back home, along with Bachman’s body. The CIA was struggling to twist the whole story regarding Bachman’s death, and Lockhart recalled Carrie back to make her accountable for what happened. To make matters worse for her, now that she’s back in the states, she can now take care of her child, and we think that she’s really not up for the task and would rather be at the thick of things — bombing, attacks and terrorism.

In this episode, we got a peek on Carrie’s maternal side, which wasn’t there. She took care of her child — yes — but all throughout that, she didn’t know what she’s doing and even admitted that she regretted having her, especially now that Brody’s gone. Carrie even let her own daughter almost drown in the tub.

Quinn, on the other hand, was left dealing with the death of Bachman, and Saul also flew in for Bachman’s funeral where he came across Dar Adal. Dar Adal told him about the discontent of some people regarding Lockhart’s performance as CIA director and told him that someone should step in and we think he’s hinting it’ll be Saul.

Carrie got to the funeral with juicy information regarding Bachman’s source, and it turned out that Bachman has been getting his intel by also sharing secrets as well, and Lockhart knew about this. She used this information to blackmail Lockhart and send her back to Pakistan and that means she will be needing Saul’s help.

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