Homeland Season 4 Recap: 13 Hours of Islamabad

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Homeland Season 4 Recap: 13 Hours of Islamabad
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Homeland” Season 4 Episode 10 “13 Hours of Islamabad” kept us in the edge of our seats. With Haqqani’s attack on the U.S. embassy in Islamabad, Carrie and Saul have survived it. They were on their way to Saul’s trade-off of prisoners. What they didn’t know was that Haqqani had the chance to infiltrate the embassy and was killing everyone he sees.

It turned out that he wants another thing — the list of American assets who are fighting against terrorists. Martha and Lockhart were locked up in the vault inside the embassy, but Haqqani was a step ahead because he made sure that the people inside the vault will see what he’s doing to the people inside the embassy. Due to the bloodbath, Lockhart couldn’t stomach it anymore that he decided to hand over the list. However, Martha told her not to and follow protocol. He ignored Martha and went out of the vault with the list, just when Haqqani was about to kill Fara.

But Haqqani was purely evil because when he got the list, he still killed Fara. Quinn and a soldier got there and shot some bullets towards Haqqani’s men. They were able to kill some, and he even shot Haqqani. Then again, Haqqani still managed to flee. Some of Haqqani’s men were still on the loose, though.

The turn of events forced the president to cut ties with Pakistan, and then Lockhart informed Carrie that they are all getting out of Pakistan within 24 hours. She also learned about Fara’s death, and she was the one who called her father. Carrie then agreed to finally get out of Pakistan, but Quinn, on the other hand, didn't want to go just yet because he wants to go after Haqqani. However, Carrie, one of his superiors, ordered him to go with them.

Meanwhile, Martha visited her husband in the holding cell. Dennis asked for Martha’s belt to hang herself inside the cell because for him, it’s a valiant thing to do after what he did. However, Martha took his husband’s belt, which was outside his cell and gave it to him and then she went out.

However, the next day, Martha was surprised to see Dennis alive. He was actually looking ashamed. Then that’s when Carrie realized that Quinn was missing just when they were about to leave Islamabad. She was left with no choice but to find him.

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Photo source:  Wikimedia Commons/RobinWong

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