Homeland Season 4 Recap: About a Boy

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Homeland Season 4 Recap: About a Boy
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Will Carrie finally get her lead to find Haiisam Haqqani through his nephew, Aayan? That’s what you are going to find out in the latest episode of “Homeland” Season 4 Episode 5 “About a Boy.” Read on for the full recap.

Aayan Ibrahim is the key to get to the Taliban leader Haiisam Haqqani, and Carrie has wrapped him around her finger by pretending to be a journalist and giving him false promised that he’ll receive asylum and get to medical school in London. With Aayan’s vulnerability, it’s not long before his guilt get the best of him, and he wants to leave. However, Carrie held him by threatening him that the moment she sets him free, someone will take him instead, and he might just probably receive the worse end of the stick.

So he stayed where she is, and Carrie seduced him again and gave him a piece of her mind by saying that his uncle didn’t really die during the airstrike. Young, driven by hormones and guilt, Aayan became defensive, and that’s when Carrie knew that anytime soon, she’ll have what she wants. Aayan admitted that yes, it is true that his uncle is still alive but is very ill.

In other news, Tasneem Kureshi’s claws are still firmly grasped on Dennis Boyd. Dennis, fearful for his life, did what Tasneem wants. He sneaked into Carrie’s apartment to take photos specifically of Carrie’s daughter as well as the medications that Carrie takes.

Peter Quinn and Fara Sharazi are trying to get Haqqani’s exact location. They found him meeting with a Muslim cleric. Quinn was ready to shot him right then and there, but Fara stopped him, suggesting that he has a better idea to make everything work. They spotted the cleric on the road. Fara tried to attach a tracking device on the cleric’s car, but he wasn’t successful. While Fara was doing his thing, Quinn was on the phone talking to Carrie asking for aerial surveillance. They lost the cleric.

Saul was kidnapped when he got to Islamabad and spotted Farhad Ghazi. He followed him to the men’s room, but it was all a trap because he got tranquilized. Where are they taking him? What will be Carrie’s next step?

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