Homeland Season 4 Recap: Halfway to a Donut

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Homeland Season 4 Recap: Halfway to a Donut
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In "Redux," Carrie was hallucinating because her medications have been tampered with. Moreover, Haqqani has Saul. Find out what happened on Homeland” Season 4 Episode 8  “Halfway to a Donut." 

Carrie woke up in a bedroom that she’s unfamiliar with. She still wasn’t feeling good, and she met Aasar Khan there who asked her how she’s feeling and what was up with the whole Brody thing. She ignored him and tried to get some sleep again. When she woke up, she was about to take her meds when she realized that they taste differently. That’s when she realized that her medications have been tampered with and blamed it on Aasar. Carrie then went back to her apartment and didn’t bother to hear what Aasar has to say.

Meanwhile, the embassy was clueless of what happened to Carrie, and Lockhart flew in to talk to the embassy regarding Saul’s capture. Aasar Khan, Tasneem and other US officials were there to talk about what to do with Saul and Haqqani. Tasneem talked to Aasar regarding Carrie, and he said that they did that to get her out of Islamabad.

While they were talking about what to do with Saul, they encountered a problem when Haqqani put Saul in front of the camera to be the one to relay his demands. Saul, as usual, didn’t deliver it well and have said such bad things that Haqqani surely didn’t appreciate. He ordered Saul to be placed in the cell again, and he’ll be the one to talk to them. Haqqani wanted the US embassy to release some of their prisoners and only then would he free Saul.

Carrie got back to the CIA base feeling more normal than ever. Saul escaped by faking his own death, and he was able to grab a cell phone. He immediately called Carrie and made her promise that if ever he gets captured again, she must do everything not to give in to Haqqani’s demands. Carrie was left with no choice but to agree, while Saul was being followed by a camera, directing him to an extraction point where the CIA can get to him.

However, they encountered problems on the first extraction point. Haqqani’s men are now searching for Saul. Things were getting more dangerous that Carrie redirected her mentor in the shackles of Haqqani for his own good. When he got captured again, he told Carrie on the camera “F*ck you.”

Aasar Khan also told Carrie about the meds and about Dennis’ involvement in all of these.

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Photo source:  Wikimedia Commons/RobinWong

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