Homeland Season 4 Recap: Redux

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Homeland Season 4 Recap: Redux
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With the death of Aayan, Carrie’s another mistake, Saul was now in the custody of the terrorist. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone by getting Saul to get closer to Haqqani.  Check out our recap of “Homeland” Season 4 Episode 7 “Redux.”

The episode opened with a pharmacist, who seemed to be tampering Carrie’s medications. We found out that he served Nasneem, Pakistani Intelligence. It was the same agency that blackmailed the husband of the U.S ambassador to get to Carrie’s apartment. The agency took that route in order to find details about Carrie’s life. This also included information on the medicines she takes for her mental state.

Unaware of all of these events, Carrie was too preoccupied to get to her mentor. CIA Chief Lockhart arrived in Pakistan to see how things were going and what went wrong. However, Carrie wasn’t there to greet her chief because she was once again making plans of her own — to get to the nurse who supplied Aayan with his uncle’s medicines to find out what is the real deal regarding Haqqani’s medical condition. Now, they would be able to track down where he will get his medicines next.

Lockhart went to talk to the Pakistani Foreign Minister and Nasneem was there too. He threatened them to bring back Saul,or they’re going to put the aid that they give to Pakistan under review.

Meanwhile, Saul was having a not so great time with Haqqani. It turned out that Haqqani was a pretty decent villain. All he wanted was to use Saul as a human shield so he could get to his family whom he haven’t seen for three years. His patience for Saul’s offensive remarks was great. It was until Saul pushed that one button that made Haqqani have him chained up on the wall and watch him and his wife have sex.

Carrie was cooking up some plans, and some of them were getting pretty reckless. Lockhart wouldn’t have it. She’s getting disoriented already and asked to be excused. Carrie went back to her apartment for her medications, oblivious to the fact that they have been tampered.

Soon enough, we saw the effects of the tampered pills on Carrie. Aside from her hallucinations, she had a meltdown at a Pakistani hospital, which led her to be strapped in a straightjacket. Carrie tried to escape but was surprised when a man came through the door, and it was Brody. However, it seemed that she was hallucinating because Khan was actually holding her and asked her, “Who’s Brody?”

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