‘Homeland’ Season 5 Going Through a Lot of Changes: Carrie Gets a New Boyfriend and Becomes a Better Mother!

By April Lara | 3 years ago
‘Homeland’ Season 5 Going Through a Lot of Changes: Carrie Gets a New Boyfriend and Becomes a Better Mother!
Claire Danes at MuchMusic, for the program MuchOnDemand, to promote the film Stardust. July 25, 2007/Wikimedia Commons/RobinWong

Things are definitely going on a 360- degree turnaround for “Homeland” Season 5! This season we time jump ahead two years where Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is working on a whole new job in Germany and dealing with new people. Read below for the full details:

Aside from the new job, Carrie will also have a new love interest in Jonas played by Alexander Fehling. His character is a legal counsel for the During Foundation, where Carrie now works. She also has a new boss: Sebastian Koch will play Otto During, a German philanthropist who owns the firm. Speaking of the people that she’s going to deal with, there’s a new one – Sarah Sokolovic (Laura Sutton) will play an American journalist who also works for the foundation.

“Homeland” fans, don’t worry because you will still get to see Saul (Mandy Patinkin). In fact, he even gets a new one working for him, Allison who will be played by Miranda Otto.

And finally, Carrie will become a better mother to Frances this time around. According to showrunner Meredith Stiehm, “She’s grown up. Instead of her being the problem child, she’s now the mother, she’s lost her father, and she’s grown into the adult of the family. The rockiness of being a mother happens to a lot of women, and they get through it after a couple years so Carrie is in a good place now.”

Well, isn’t that nice to hear? I can’t wait to see some Carrie-Frances bonding! That would be lovely!

“Homeland” Season 5 premieres this fall on Showtime.

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