The Homesman Review [WATCH VIDEO]

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 3 years ago
The Homesman Review [WATCH VIDEO]
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“The Homesman” is a drama film directed by Tommy Lee Jones, which he has co-written with Kieran Fitzgerald and Wesley Oliver. It is based on Glendon Swarthout’s novel of the same name. The cast members include: Jones, Meryl Streep, Hilary Swank, Miranda Otto, David Dencik, Tim Blake Nelson, William Fichtner,  Sonja Richter, Grace Gummer, John Lithgow, James Spader, Jesse Plemons, Hailee Steinfeld and Evan Jones. “The Homesman” opens in theaters on Oct. 7, 2014. Read on to learn more about the film’s synopsis, including reviews from top critics.

“The Homesman” Synopsis:

Mary Bee Cuddy (Swank) has a task to fulfill, which involves three mad women (Gummer, Otto, Richter). One woman (Gummer) lost her baby, and she has turned into a zombielike creature, leading her husband to drive her away. The second one (Otto) is in despair, which is caused by her family farm’s failure; she threw her newborn child in an outhouse hole. The third one (Richter) has lost her mother in the snow, and she believes she has to undergo exorcism. Mary Bee has to transport them to Iowa. She enlists George Briggs’ (Jones) services. Soon they travel east, where the minister and his wife (Streep) are waiting for them.

“The Homesman” Review:

As of this writing, the films has scored 73 percent from the critics in Rotten Tomatoes, and 69 percent on Metacritic. “The Homesman” received mix reviews, mostly positive, praising Jones for a job well done.

Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian rated the film four out of five stars. He also commended Jones for his take on the film.

“Tommy Lee Jones shows some true storytelling grit in this superbly watchable frontier western; he has a muscular and confident command of narrative, driving the plot onward with a real whip-crack, and easily handles the tonal swings between brutal shock, black comedy and sentimentality,” wrote Bradshaw in his review in The Guardian.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter’s Todd McCarthy described the film as an “absorbing, melancholy look at the hard lot of women in the Old West.”

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There you have it for the synopsis and review of “The Homesman.” It opens in theaters on Oct. 7, 2014. Follow Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates on upcoming films.

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