Honda S2000 Dash Cam Smacked [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ria Chakraborty | 3 years ago
Honda S2000 Dash Cam Smacked [WATCH VIDEO]
Honda S2000

Christian, a young boy, was on his way to school. A van suddenly stormed in from nowhere in spite of the red traffic light and hits the car where Christian was.

Christian thought the lady might take a right turn. However, watching her cross the white line, Christian thought that something’s fishy. The next thing he saw when he turned around was that the car slid into the median divider.

“Can you tell me what happened? She says she had a green light and that you ran it,” a cop asked Christian.  Thankfully, he had recorded the whole video of the incident. The lady kept on lying and blaming it on Christian. Christian was emotional.

He then took the cop aside and showed him the video. After seeing what really happened, the cop started filling out the lady’s ticket.

What could have happened worse? It was an awful experience followed by the destruction of  Honda S2000 Dash Cam. The video saved Christian.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/FotoSleuth


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