An Honest Admission by Lady Gaga: She Suffers From Depression Everyday

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago

It is not the first time that Lady Gaga has voiced out her ongoing battle against depression. In her latest interview with Billboard, this star singer made a revelation about how she still has to struggle with anxiety and depression every single day.

Lady Gaga spoke at length about her Born This Way Foundation and was also candid about her struggles with anxiety and depression in an interview given to Billboard Magazine.

The singer said that she has been suffering through anxiety and depression throughout her life. She also said that she wanted the kids to know that that their emotions are just like normal human beings. Though, the modern times are characterized by shallowness and less connection that is not human at all.

The singer of “Born This Way” fame said that it is her conviction that she is fulfilling the purpose of her life through her contribution with the Born This Way Foundation. Through this foundation, Lady Gaga has been helping troubled children to know that they are not alone in this world.

She loves to see the bonding among these troubled kids. It touches her soul when she sees a child who is suffering from a terminal illness is accompanied by a child who has an eating disorder. These things tell her that they are trying to do something that no one else has done.

Lady Gaga is immensely inspired by singer and song writer Elton John, whom she has always looked up to. The duo are featured together on the cover of the new issue of Billboard.

Gaga shared that the legendary singer has been extremely supportive of her during the toughest times of her life. In fact, John makes sure that she does not go into depression and is okay.

Gaga says that John has contributed so much for AIDS and the LGBT community that she always wants to be in his team to save this world.

Lady Gaga joins celebrities like Zelda Williams and Cara Delevingne to publicly admit that they deal with depression and anxiety.

Photo Source:  Facebook/Lady Gaga

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