Hopper’s Son Accused of Rape

By admin | 6 years ago

A teenage girl has accused the 21-year old son of actor Dennis Hopper of rape. She says the young Hopper plied her full of alcohol and drugs and then raped her, according to a suit. Henry Hopper is being sued by an unidentified teenager’s mother who claims her 16-year old daughter met Hopper, who acted in Restless a Gus Van Zant production in 2011, in February 2011 through a friend.

The girl, according to legal court documents is identified as Jan Doe in the lawsuit, claims she and Hopper started communicating via Facebook. After a few months time, she said she was invited by Hopper to his Venice, California home on a number of occasions. The invites always promised the availability of both alcohol and drugs. Doe claims in her lawsuit, that Hopper would wait until she became intoxicated and then would engage in sexual conduct that was offensive to her. She said the conduct included sexual intercourse, sodomy and oral copulation that was forced.

It is not clear whether the allegations were ever reported to the police by Doe. Doe’s lawyers in the suit claim the actor preyed upon the impressionable, young child. Suggesting that he may have cared about and for her and luring her to his residence with promises of illegal drugs and alcohol. The lawyers say Hopper would then repeatedly take advantage of her vulnerability and youth.

Doe’ mother alleges her daughter suffered substantial damage to her emotional strength, activity and health and had to employ a number of mental healthcare professionals to help her. The suit is for unspecified damages.

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