‘Houdini And Doyle’ Ordered Straight To Series

By April Lara | 3 years ago
‘Houdini And Doyle’ Ordered Straight To Series
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Fox is cooking up another crime drama that deals with the supernatural. The upcoming series is inspired by the friendship between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of “Sherlock Holmes” and Harry Houdini, an illusionist.

The series is titled “Houdini And Doyle” and it will hail from David Titcher (“The Librarian”) David Shore and David Hoselton of “House.”

“Houdini And Doyle” will center around Houdini, who is a magician, escape artist and a paranormal debunker while Doyle is a fan of the paranormal and the creator of the world’s greatest detective. The two will join forces to investigate crimes that involve the supernatural and even if the two of them have a lot of similarities, they are considered to be the odd couple because Houdini believes in nothing while Doyle believes in everything.

The two are also born 15 years apart into different families, as per Deadline, “Doyle the educated product of a proper Scottish ubringing and Houdini the self-made son of a Hungarian immigrant. The two men, whose physical appearances also were in stark contrast, stroke an unusual and often rocky friendship based on their mutual interest in spiritualism.”

Titcher will serve as the show’s showrunner while Hoselton will pen the script and they will both executive produce with Shore.

The first season of “Houdini And Doyle” will feature 10 episodes and Canada’s Shaftesbury and UK’s Big Talk will co-produce with Sony TV. However, Fox hasn’t issued a statement yet.

“Houdini And Doyle” has an interesting concept, which is something to look forward to amidst the supernatural TV series all over TV networks today. This may be Fox’s newest hit series. Who knows?

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