House of Cards Recap: Chapter 27

By Rachel Cruz | 4 years ago
House of Cards Recap: Chapter 27

House of Cards” Season 3 Episode 1 “Chapter 27” premiered on Friday, Feb. 27, 2015. The show’s full third season is now out on Netflix. So far, it’s not a good start for Frank Underwood’s presidency and the first lady Claire Underwood’s chances of earning the ambassador post at the U.N. is also not looking good. Find out what happened in this chapter in the recap below.

A motorcade passes through a small town in South Carolina. President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is paying his respects on his father’s grave. But Frank turns to the viewers to say that he’s only doing this to appear more human, as it’s important for a president to be one. Frank, as shown in previous seasons, doesn’t like his father all that much.

He pisses on his father’s gravestone, but the media that has been following him doesn’t get this. They were purposely not allowed to take photos or videos of him for “privacy.” Frank proudly says on his father’s grave that when it’s his time to die, people will be waiting in line at his funeral. It won’t be a pathetic one, unlike his dad’s.

Meanwhile, Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) is alive. It was after a close shave with Rachel Posner (Rachel Brosnahan) whom he tried to kill at the end of last season. A montage of his recovery at the hospital is played out. The doctor tells him that his recovery, including emotionally, will take a while to stabilize. He’s watching TV at the hospital, where he sees that President Underwood’s approval rating is way down.

Doug gets a visit from Claire (Robin Wright). She seems to coax him to lie to the police about what really happened to him. He can’t say he was hurt by Rachel, lest the trail leads back to the president, whose public opinion is already way down. So, Doug’s “official story” for the police is that he was carjacked.

For most of the episode, the story is focused on Doug. He’s turned over to his brother. Though he hasn’t seen him for several years, but he doesn’t want Gary taking care of him. His brother leaves him and Doug tries to go on with his life as usual, even with great difficulty.

One time, while watching “The Colbert Report,” he learns of Pres. Underwood’s latest jobs program called America Works. Colbert, however, points out that the new administration is besieged with problems far worse than previous administrations. How will this new program turn out?

Doug stops watching TV and calls a special emergency number to the president. He has ideas about the new program, but it’s the staff who answers his call. He then meets with Gavin Orsay (Jimmi Simpson). He is an FBI informant who was looking for Rachel Posner. Later, he gets word that the president is ready to meet him. On the day he’s supposed to be at the White House, Doug slips and breaks his arm in his shower.

Not wanting to miss this chance with the Pres. Underwood, Doug skips a hospital visit. He then endures the pain of a broken arm to go to the White House. When the president sees him, he’s told to go home and rest. Clearly, he’s not yet fit to come back and work for Underwood. Disappointed, Doug returns home and saddles into depression. He’s feeling so useless and unwanted. He takes it out on a hooker, his painkillers, and alcohol.

The America Works program is being presented to the president’s team by Underwood himself. In truth, he wants to cut budget from the government’s seniors’ program as entitlements like this is why they are bankrupt. For every $32,871 that a senior gets, this money can instead finance military, infrastructure and other projects. A staff member, however, offers a different solution, but Pres. Underwood wouldn’t want to hear of it. Later, the staff member is fired.

During a meeting at the Oval Office, it’s revealed that Donald Blythe (Reed Birney) is now the Vice President. Now, there is no Supreme Court justice appointee as of yet. Frank would like to retain the current appointee. It was because he needs the man to push and support his America Works project. But there’s a hitch: the current justice is sick with Alzheimer’s and he’s ready to retire.

Meanwhile, Claire meets with Senator Mendoza (Benito Martinez) to talk about her nomination as United Nations Ambassador. She needs him on her side as much as he needs her, especially with his plans for 2016. The senator only says he won’t block her confirmation out of respect, but Mendoza is still not a fan of the Underwoods. He made that pretty clear.

At home, Claire learns that Cathy Durant (Jayne Atkinson) from the State Department is going to be a problem with her confirmation. Should they hold off the announcement? Does she know what she’s getting into? Does the president doubt his wife’s capabilities? Claire insists her husband makes her bid as soon as possible. He has to keep her deal with her. She needs to be prepared in case Pres. Underwood doesn’t get re-elected eighteen months from now. Does she doubt her husband? She says no one can tell what will happen in the future.

Their argument is interrupted by a problem in the situation room. The president is called upon to make a decision against a terrorist group in Yemen. Should he risk his relationship with the Muslims of that area, as well as of President Petrov of Russia? Pres. Underwood calls on an air strike anyway with the first lady present to see everything that is going on.

Then, they return to their quarters. Claire insisted she still wants his nomination as U.N. Ambassador as soon as possible. They walk to their rooms holding hands.

And there you have it, the recap for “House of Cards” Season 3 Episode 1 “Chapter 27.” The full season is already streaming on Netflix beginning Friday, Feb. 27, 2015. So, for more about this show, keep tracking Movie News Guide (MNG).

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