House of Cards Recap: Chapter 29

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
House of Cards Recap: Chapter 29

House of Cards” Season 3 Episode 3 “Chapter 29” has been available for streaming on Netflix since Friday, Feb. 27, 2015. The Underwoods host the Russian president’s state visit and a new cold war emerges between the two nations. Find out what happened in this episode in the recap below.

President Petrov (Lars Mikkelsen) of Russia is in America and a protest is happening outside. The LGBT activists blaming the Petrov government for violations against gay rights. Before Pres. Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is to meet with him, Bob Birch, the House Speaker, voices his opinion about America Works. He’s unsure about this initiative.

Petrov arrives at the White House and wasted no time saying he has no interest making better relationships with the United States. He’s also not interested about Underwood’s summit. It’s a chilly reception between these politicians.

But Pres. Underwood still maintains as a gracious host. He even gifts Petrov with a surfboard, which he happens to enjoy doing. Then, it’s on with business. Underwood downright asks why Petrov even came to America if he wasn’t interested in the summit. Petrov evades the questions, but Frank urges him to get to the point.

Meanwhile, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) is now the Ambassador at the United Nations. He received her appointment by the president during the recess in congress. She’s meeting with Palestinian and Israeli leaders along with the Secretary of State, Cathy Durant, and the agenda? Peace efforts in the Middle East and bilateral relations with Russia. However, Israel has little confidence in the way White House will be able to handle Palestine. The express withdrawal from the summit.

Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly), on the other hand, is already going outside his house. Today, he’s meeting a congressman who would like to hire him as his special advisor for his campaign. His contact at the FBI, Gavin Orsay (Jimmi Simpson), is questioned by the director, who threatens Gavin if refuses to help the agency.

It’s the state dinner and both the presidents take turn giving their speeches. But there are also guests who interrupt the dinner to make their speeches. (They’re the Russian band Pussy Riot, who’s protesting Russia’s stand on gays in real life). These guests throw their accusations at Petrov for the human rights violations. They’re asked to leave the dinner and Frank apologizes to Petrov.

Jackie Sharp (Molly Parker) is also at the state dinner. Remy (Mahershala Ali) presses on her to ask Bob Birth about the DNC’s ticket already, as agreed upon.

Elsewhere, Doug discusses the job offer he receives with Seth (Derek Cecil). He believes this is a set-up. He thinks he’s being kicked out of Pres. Underwood’s inner circle. He declares he’s ready to get back to work, but there hasn’t been any word from the president. Seth denies knowing anything about the accusations. But he later learns from the president himself that Underwood was indeed the one who set Doug up with the congressman.

Later, Doug meets up with Gavin. He wanted to ask about his search for Rachel Posner (Rachel Brosnahan). Gavin promises he’s going to use his position with the FBI to track her. Unknown to him, Gavin’s activity on the FBI computer is being monitored.

Back at the dinner, the first lady is seated beside Petrov who says a disparaging remark to her. The Russian president then asks for a toast, which he does three times. In the final toast, he asks Claire to do it and she takes this chance to insult Petrov. The others thought the first lady is only being funny.

Later, there’s some singing and dancing lead by Pres. Underwood. Petrov takes his turn too and asks Claire for a dance. He ends this number by kissing the first lady on the lips, much to her surprise.

Underwood and Petrov share a Cuban cigar in a secret corner and they discuss the kiss. Frank talks to the viewers, expressing how much this Russian is getting on his nerves. Then, their conversation shifted to NATO. Some heated words were said.

Claire, on the other hand, is with the Secretary of State. They agree that the Russian cannot be trusted. Cathy suggests to Claire to send troops to Jordan for the peace efforts. Petrov would veto this for sure, but there’s a way around it.

In the morning, Pres. Underwood and Petrov once again discuss NATO. The Russian wants him to announce that the NATO is scaling down their operations, or else he will veto the Jordan troops. Not happy with Petrov’s response and general demeanor, Pres. Underwood basically asks him to leave the White House.

And so, another war begins.

That’s the recap for “House of Cards” Season 3 Episode 3 “Chapter 29.” Watch the full third season on Netflix as it has been released since Friday, Feb. 27, 2015. Keep following Movie News Guide (MNG) for more about this show.

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