House of Cards Recap: Chapter 32

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
House of Cards Recap: Chapter 32

In “House of Cards” Season 3 Episode 6 “Chapter 32,” the Underwoods travel to Russia, where Claire spends time in jail. Find out why in this recap below.

The first couple is on board Air Force One. They are flying to Moscow to accomplish two things: seek the freedom of the gay activist and work out a deal with Pres. Petrov (Lars Mikkelsen). During this time, Thomas Yates (Paul Sparks) is already shadowing Pres. Underwood (Kevin Spacey) as he’s writing his book and it is revealed that for the president’s first job, he was actually a weed farmer, but didn’t get to smoke any of it.

Meanwhile, Gavin Orsay (Jimmi Simpson) continues to seek information about Rachel from her friend at the AA. In order to gain her trust, he tells her that he used to be hooked on drugs and sex, but claims he’s slowly making his life better. She suggests that Gavin gets tested for AIDS and of course, because he’s really been lying to her with his story about drugs and sex, his tests come out negative. However, he tells her otherwise and claims he’s positive. He drops in her arms to fake-cry.

The friend consoles him and divulges some sad story about her relationship with Rachel. Later at his desk back at the FBI, Gavin uses the information he got from her to dig up on Rachel some more. They really have to find her. Meanwhile, Doug (Michael Kelly), who hired Gavin for this job, is flirting with his therapist and gym instructor. Will this have some bearing in his search for Rachel?

In Moscow, First Lady Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) gets to meet the gay activist Michael Corrigan (Christian Camargo) in his jail cell. She gives him papers to sign. It will be a statement for the press and once he seals his signature on it, Petrov will let him go. But, Corrigan refuses, saying that the statement is not in line with what he’s fighting for. He would like for Russia to go easy on their laws against homosexuals.

He asks for some time to think it over with the statement and the first lady bunks with him for the day in his cell. She wants to make sure this deal is done, as she promised his husband they will bring safely back home.

As they share dinner in jail, Claire and Michael get to talk about their own relationships. She’s getting a lot of insights from Michael and it’s clear that despite her insistence he signs the statement. She in turn admires him for taking a stand. She also learns that Corrigan and his husband, back in the United States, haven’t exactly been intimate for many years now. In the morning, when Claire wakes up in Michael’s jail cell, she finds that he has committed suicide.

While Claire is with Michael, President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is with Petrov. The Russian president reveals that he actually doesn’t believe in their laws against gays. His favorite nephew is gay, however, people in his country look down on this lifestyle and his administration is only doing their bidding. If Corrigan signs his statement, Petrov will be agreeing to some other terms with Underwood in connection with peacekeeping efforts. How is that going to work out now that Corrigan is dead?

In a press briefing later, Claire sadly announced to the world of Corrigan’s fate and closes her statement by scolding Petrov and the Russian government. Shame on them! Pres. Underwood is embarrassed and argues with Claire as they return to America on Air Force One. They have a heated argument, with Frank saying he shouldn’t have made her U.N. Ambassador. But Claire shoots back at her husband saying, “I shouldn’t have made you president!”

That’s the recap on “House of Cards” Season 3 Episode 5 “Chapter 32.” Its full season is already on Netflix since Friday, Feb. 27, 2015. Keep following Movie News Guide (MNG) for more about this show.

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