‘House of Cards’ Season 4: Claire Underwood for President? Will Frank Kill His Wife?

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘House of Cards’ Season 4: Claire Underwood for President? Will Frank Kill His Wife?

Whoever has ever watch Netflix political drama, “House of Cards” will never forget the time when in first season Frank tells the viewers that he loves his wife, Claire more than sharks love blood. Read on for more details.

That one statement showed how vicious Frank Underwood can be and at the same time it showed how much he loved her. But over the next seasons, things changed drastically and we, the fans of “House of Cards” are speculating for many things for the upcoming season four.

At the end of season 3 finally, fans of “House of Cards” got a real shock when all of a sudden, Frank’s partner-in-crime, his beloved wife tells him that she is leaving him because of his vicious behavior towards him.

The timing which she choose was also perfect: Frank Underwood, the President of United States of America is facing a new election. Now, fans are speculating that will Frank will be able to win the upcoming election when Claire is not by his side? Or there is something else in store for both of them?

There are many speculations for the season four of “House of Cards”. Many believe that the Frank and Claire Underwood will process their official divorce. At the same time they both will make each other’s life miserable as they both know things that would hurt them real bad. Among the rumours, one of the strongest is that Claire will run for the presidency against Frank. No one knows who’s going to win but fans should find out in House of Cards Season 4.

In a report posted on BBC America, creator Beau Willimon said that Frank and Claire’s marriage seems to be on the rocks to the degree that it is the nature questions are: Are Frank and Claire going to get back together? Or they are going to ruin each other’s life? At the very same time, it would be a new phase to watch when Frank and Claire are not together in the show.

In all the three seasons of “House of Cards,” we have always found how Frank has developed his greed and power. But every time, we saw Claire as his partner but according to the Beau, the season four will focus on Claire’s character development.

We all remember how Frank removed Zoe from his life. It was when she started to get in his way for power. Now, if Claire is standing against Frank for the presidency, then will Frank resort his wife (or ex-wife) in the same fashion he did with Zoe?

Is Frank going to kill his wife? We got to wait for 2016’s spring to find out about the couple we admired for three years.

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