‘House of Cards’ Season 4 Spoilers, Air Date: Doug Stamper Dies? Michael Kelly Axed From Netflix Series

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘House of Cards’ Season 4 Spoilers, Air Date: Doug Stamper Dies? Michael Kelly Axed From Netflix Series

The premiere of Season 4 of Netflix original political drama series, “House of Cards” seems to be a long way from now as there is no official news related for its premiere date. However, potential spoilers continue to surface online from time to time.

The popular Netflix series is expected to return in early 2016 and there are few rumors/predictions that are making the fans to talk over the internet.

Spoilers included:

Doug Stamper’s faith

From the beginning of “House of Cards”, there has been no one that loyal as Doug Stamper. He stuck with Frank Underwood in each and every time and helped him in making some important turns. At Season 2’s finale, we saw Doug Stamper getting almost killed and the entire season 3 of “House of Cards” focused on his recovery from the brain damage and at the same time, we saw Doug getting drifting apart from Frank Underwood and Michael Kelly, the actor who plays the role of Doug Stamper is not sure whether or not his character will be in the coming seasons.

In an interview with Inquistr, Michael Kelly said that in each and every season, we saw a character getting killed, that included politician Peter Russo, investigator journalist, Zoe Barnes and in Season 3, Doug kills his love interest, Rachel Posner in order to prove his loyalty to Frank Underwood who then became the President of United States of America.

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Michael Kelly added that, “It’s House of Cards, right? They do not hesitate to kill great characters.”

Doug Stamper, who is a recovering alcoholic goes back to his drinking sessions while recovering. Season 4 of “House of Cards” will see Doug Stamper returning by the Frank’s side as his most trusted man but including the actor, we all are unsure for how many episodes we are going to see him in the show.

Neve Campbell to Join Season 4

The creators of “House of Cards” are in terms for calling the 41-year-old Neve Campbell to the show as a regular. The world acclaimed director, David Fincher is not behind the cameras anymore and the Showtime is thinking that the show is gone a bit wary and with an introduction of a new character will spice things a little.

Though these are just speculations, but the recent addition of former “Scream Queen” and “Party Of Five star”, Neve Campbell to season 4 as a regular adds that the upcoming season of “House of Cards” is going to be interesting and more vicious than before.

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