‘House Of Cards Season 4:’ Will New Rival Couple Get Frank And Claire Underwood Closer?

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘House Of Cards Season 4:’ Will New Rival Couple Get Frank And Claire Underwood Closer?
House of Cards. New couple will bring together Frank and Claire

Every relationship is based on mutual trust and understanding and if you are the President of the Greatest country on the planet then your relationship with the First Lady is not only the talk within the oval office but it matters to the entire nation. The world looks up to you and tries to become like you. We think that this is what Frank Underwood should be thinking in the upcoming season of “House of Cards”.

In the finale episode of the third season of “House of Cards,” our jaws touched the ground when all of a sudden Claire Underwood said to her husband, the President of United States of America, that she is leaving him. In all the three seasons, apart from Frank’s mind game what we really loved to watch was Frank and Claire’s understanding towards each other and their vision for the brighter future.

It has been stated in the past month that Neve Campbell will be joining as the regular of “House of Cards” in the season four. What her character will do is still a mystery to us, but fans are speculating that Neve and her partner will compete against Frank Underwood in the upcoming election and the new rival couple will be a reflection to Frank Underwood about his married life.

It might be possible that, with the arrival of a new rival couple, Frank Underwood will seek help from his partner in crime, his beloved wife (or ex-wife), Claire Underwood. So, if this is the case, then the rival couple will bring back Frank and Claire together. Are they going to stay married or they will try to ruin each other’s life is still under the closet. But at this moment we are sure that the new couple will surely bring new political drama in Showtime’s “House of Cards.”

Every season of “House of Cards” has premiered its 13 episodes in February, so we’re expecting Season 4 to arrive in February 2016.

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