‘House of Cards’ Season 4 Spoilers: Doug Stamper Gets Killed? Michael Kelly Hints Death Of Major Character

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘House of Cards’ Season 4 Spoilers: Doug Stamper Gets Killed? Michael Kelly Hints Death Of Major Character

It’s like a tradition for “House of Cards” to make the viewers watch a death of a major character from the show. Killing off lead characters is like a modern day trend in the television industry (still crying for the death of Jon Snow?). Read on for more details.

Now, fans of “House of Cards” got another reason to worry. Michael Kelly has shed some lights on his character and things are not looking good at this moment.

Doug Stamper, who remained by Frank Underwood’s side in all his actions, has his life turned around when the cupid brought a wrong person in his life. At the end of season 2, Rachel, Doug’s so called love of his life tried to murder him but Kelly’s character, being a tough stone survived the incident but couldn’t imagine that Frank will leave his side.

In Season 3 of “House of Cards,” Doug spent most of his time in recovering and trying to prove his loyalty to Frank by killing Rachel is now facing a dead end. Kelly said that he wouldn’t put it past the writers to kill off his character.

According to an interview with Inquisitr, Kelly said that his character was very much alive in all the seasons of “House of Cards.” It was even after having a tragedy with Rachel and he wouldn’t be surprised if showrunner Beau Willimon would kill off his character.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Beau Willimon was behind my bedroom door right now, I put nothing past him,” Kelly said.

It was also reported by us that Neve Campbell will be joining the cast of “House of Cards” as regular. But, we are still not sure what her character would be doing in the season 4 and henceforth. Apart from Doug’s fate, the consequences of Frank and Claire Underwood will be in focus for the fans in the upcoming season.

At this moment, all we can say that, if Doug is going to be killed, and if Frank would be the one who will kill him, we just expect a good reason from Frank’s end for this action.

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