‘House of Cards’ Season 4 Updates and Spoilers: Neve Campbell Joins In!

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘House of Cards’ Season 4 Updates and Spoilers: Neve Campbell Joins In!

Deadline recently reported that 41-year-old Neve Campbell is all to set to join the star cast of Showtime’s political drama, “House of Cards.” Read on for more details.

After three season’s of “House of Cards,” the creators of the show are looking for something new as the strong starting provided by the world “Se7en” director, David Fincher. We all know that the show has gone a little bit wary after his departure, so the creator thinks that introducing a new character would do them some good.

At the end of Season 3, we found out that Frank and Clair Underwood of “House of Cards” has relationship issues and at the very same time, they are heading towards divorce. It is being speculated that the couple will face a young couple as a rival. Given the history of Campbell, we are assuming that she might be the one.

Though those are just speculations, but the recent addition of former “Scream Queen” and “Party Of Five” star to season 4 of “House of Cards” as a regular cast member supports this speculation. For Campbell, this is the biggest TV series commitment in years. She is also doing an arc on “Welcome to Sweden” Season 2.

Academy award-winning actor Kevin Spacey predicted that the “House Of Cards” might run up to twelve seasons. Well, only time can tell whether this prediction will become a reality or not.

Also, around the same time series creator Beau Williams said, “The way I approach each season is, let’s not keep any great ideas in reserve – let’s use them all. By the time it’s the end of the season, we have no more ideas – in some ways, no idea how to keep the show going. We might have some notions of where it can go. [But] treat every season as though it’s your last, don’t hold anything back.”

Let’s just hope that bringing Neve Campell as a regular will do some good for the show.

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